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Traditional festivals

Llum BCN

Written by Paula

Legend tells the story of a girl aged thirteen who, during the times of persecutions to the Christians (284-305 AC), ran away from home searching Daciano, Barcino’s governor, to reprimand him on what was taking place. The governor wanted the child to renounce the Christian faith, which she refused to do. The governor condemned her to thirteen punishments, which included imprisonment, whipping, standing on fire, being rubbed with stones, being stuffed in a barrel with nails and sharp objects and shoved down a hill, and ultimately, crucifixion.

The child was canonized in 663 AC, becoming Santa Eulalia, one of the patron saints of Barcelona.

Llum BCN 

Llum BCN llum bcnis a festival of lights that takes place during the beginning of February, for about four days, including the 12th of February, the date when Barcelona celebrates Santa Eulalia’s day.

The festival will bring light into the streets, with a variety of installations that mix technology, art and tradition. Spectacular pieces will be displayed across the city, created by teachers and students from interior design, graphic design, architecture and lighting schools in Barcelona.

Some of the installations visitors will be able to see this year are Supercube, by Stéphane Masson and  Un cavall que només és gallop, by Rémi Brun, at Pla de la Seu, Sortint de Foscor by David López, at Plaça de Sant Felip Neri, and Suspès by David Sarsanedas, at Plaça del Rei.

Another exciting activity during LLum BCN will be the projection of lights that will happen at Plaça de Sant Jaume, creating a spectacle of colors on the façade of Ajuntament de Barcelona’s building; Barcekholm, a love story told in video mapping; and La Pedrera, emotions en movement, projected against the façade of La Pedrera.

llum bcnThe days between 11 and 14 of February are also excellent days to visit some of Barcelona’s patios, which will be transformed by LLum BCN. Try taking a peek at Palau Bru, Palau Centelles, MUHBA, and Palau Savassona.

If you want to take part LLUM BCN’s activities but don’t know where to start, you can follow one of the three LLUM BCN’s itineraries. If you prefer to be guided through the installations, you can reserve your place in one of LLUM BCN’s guided tours. The tours will be guided by a professional light designer, after the sun goes down.

The guided tours will take place on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of February.

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