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Les Petits Chéris, clothes for children from 0 to 5 years old

Written by Adriana

Recently on our blog we mentioned several business that have been successful and can claim to be ideas that have materialized with very good results. One of them sold baby products online, very similar to what is offered at Les Petits Chéris, an online store that sell fashionable clothes for little kids, with a concept and a different design and has received a very good welcoming, noting more or less than they deserve. To know more about this project and who’s behind it, we talk to the creator of Les Petits Chéris, Eve Puertolas.

What is Les Petits Chéris and how the idea of this business came up?

Les Petits Chéris is an online fashion and design clothes store for children from 0-5 years old. I love the fashion world, and the idea of this “Concept Store” arose with our daughter birth.

Who ‘s behind Les Petits Chéris and what is your background?

I have create this company on my own, but with the help and support of my husband, Diego, who is responsible for the web design. I am French, I graduated in Business Administration in Paris. After several years in the world of organizing events in Barcelona, I decided to start my own business.

What can we find in Les Petits Chéris?

A careful selection of clothing brands such as Soft Gallery, Mini Rodini, Emile et Ida, Motoreta, Moikidz, Little Creative Factory, Notsobig and Milapinou. All our products have been carefully selected based on criteria of image and child art, the importance of creators, designers creativity besides the comfort they provide to children. The quality of our clothes is very important and so we work with natural and organic fabrics.

Do you sell online only or do you have an actual store? Do you think there is still some distrust with an online payment?

It is exclusively an online business. We have noticed a little fear to purchase online in Spain. In our case, it’s more that they aren’t sure about of the quality of the product, sizing, color, etc. Sometimes on the internet is more difficult to get a clear idea of how a product really is. So we have a kidswear channel on YouTube, where we upload detailed videos of our products. In addition, we offer our customers to send us an email if they have questions about a product, and the next day we send the detailed video like this one:

What type of customer buys in your store and how you have perceived the welcoming of your store? 

We are new but for now, we are noticing a very good welcoming by European and French market. In Spain is more difficult but we are working on it 😉 Client Type? They are mostly mothers, of course …

You are based in Barcelona, how it was starting a business in this town?

I’m in love with Barcelona. We live for a while in Singapore and France but we decided to come back to Barcelona. I found it quite easy to create my business as I was fortunate enough to be supported by a BarcelonaActiva’s manager.

What are the “best sellers” at Les Petits Chéris?

Lately, we have sold many “doudous” by the Parisian brand Notsobig. They are animals made of sweet fabric, kids always carry them. In general, the brands we really like the brands we sell…

Anything new in the near future that you can tell us?

The launch of our online magazine BORN on mid-May. A guide for trends, news and interviews that will be available on our website:

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