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Living in Barcelona

Lending A Hand: Centre Forum

Lending A Hand: Centre Forum
Written by Enrique

As the years go by we grow more physically and emotional fragile. Our eyes lids begin to droop and our stare reflects the sadness that life has accumulated with the years. The bright smile that once lit up a room is hidden by effortless lips that whisper for help. You look at your hands and you count the sun spots as if they were rings of a tree; each one representing a new year, a new adventure, but nonetheless a much older you. As you move toward the window of your room you feel the cold metal of the wheel chair you are pushing against your skin. You reach the window and stare into the abysmal city, reminiscing of the times you used to trek around town with no troubles whatsoever.


Passion and Love

Barcelona is a city with endless passion for life. No matter what age you are or what your background is this city will prove to anyone that there is more to life than meets the eye. For this reason it is important to notice and pay tribute to the ones that have spent a lifetime making this city the way it is now. The elderly are just like any other human. They love, they feel and they think. These wonderful souls miss their loved ones especially those directly related to them. Unfortunately, there are times when these beautiful souls go unnoticed.

Volunteers For A Better Tomorrow

Centre Forum, a branch of L’Hospital del Mar serves the elderly as well as patients that require special care. This Facility provides the best attention available to their patients. An attentive and reliable staff is located all throughout the location that is more than willing serve or to just simply listen. Centre Forum likes to focus on the humanistic aspect that is necessary in order to achieve a more qualitative lifestyle. Regardless of what the condition of a patient is, the available staff is guaranteed to make anyone feel at home.

One of the best attributes of the Centre Forum is their willingness to let people help through their volunteer opportunities. Centre Forum runs interactive programs for anyone that is willing to join and partake. The purpose of this is to be able to provide in-house patients with comfort, through a more relatable approach. The ultimate goal for these types of programs is to make the patients feel accepted but most importantly loved.

The current programs that are available for people to volunteer for are held Tuesdays and Thursdays. These programs run activities as simple as watching a movie and discussing the overall meaning of the story. The programs have proven extremely successful as it grants people the opportunity to give someone special a little more love.


About the author



Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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  • Hi Enrique, this is a great writeup! Very useful even after years. May I ask if you have specific contact persons and information from people in Centre Forum? I’m doing research for a company who wants to join volunteer programs within Barcelona. Any information you could share will be greatly appreciated.

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