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Learn how to prepare a cooling watermelon slush with “Cocina en…”

Written by Adriana

For the summer heat there is nothing better than a fruity slush accompanied by a crispy and tasty decoration. A dessert that’s easy to prepare and appetizing and that can be prepared with a watermelon but also with other fruits. Like every two weeks, our “Cocina en…gastronaut friends teach us how to prepare a delicious recipe and offer us juicy 10% discounts for those who want to sign in one of their courses, workshops or tastings on ShBarcelona’s behalf. Don’t forget that you can find the best deals on vacation rentals in Barcelona on ShBarcelona website.

Here is today’s recipe:

INGREDIENTS (for 4-6 people)

¼ Watermelon (seedless better)
White rum or Cava
100 grams. of sugar
6 gelatin leaves


Coconut Foam
Oreo Cookies


First of all, soak the gelatin in water. Then, peel and dice the watermelon removing all the seeds, if there’s any. Crush the watermelon chunks in a blender and mix the result with 5 grams of sugar per 200 grams of watermelon. Make sure that everything is well blended. Add the 6 drained gelatins and mix them up with the watermelon. Now add ¼ cup of white rum and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Put it in the freezer so it will freeze.

Before serving, and having been at least four hours in the freezer, you must stir the slush. Serve it in an elegant martini or champagne glass and decorate it with chopped Oreo cookies in top of up a layer of coconut foam.

This excellent “Cocina en…” video will illustrate the whole process. You won’t get lost if you follow the preparation step by step:

Enjoy your meal!

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