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Join the Global Bubble Parade

Written by Christine

Imagine walking through the streets of Barcelona with thousands of strangers, united by the idea of happiness and peace for all.  Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?  Now, imagine the same thing but with bubbles floating through the air and everyone happily releasing them with a smile.  This is the Global Bubble Parade!  Happening all over the world on May 29th, you can join in this unique celebration as it makes its way around Barcelona.  Don’t forget to bring your bubbles!

What is the Global Bubble Parade?

Blowing bubblesThe Global Bubble Parade was introduced in 2015 with outstanding results.  This year the parade is taking place on May 29th across five continents and spread throughout more than seventy countries.  The parade is a creative idea from the 100 Happy Days Foundation which you may have seen on Instagram or Facebook.  This website has a challenge in which you register and submit a photo every day for one hundred days and show the world what has made you happy that day.  The purpose of the challenge, as well as the Global Bubble Parade, is to spread happiness and demonstrate unity, awareness, and well-being.  The aim of the movement is to make it known that happiness can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what walk of life you come from.

How to participate

To participate on the day of the parade you can join an existing event, such as the one in Barcelona, or other cities that have an organized route.  If you are outside of the city you can organize your own parade in your community and be a Global Bubble Parade host.  It’s easy: all you have to do is form a team of friends, make a route, and then invite as many people as possible to come out and enjoy the experience.  Another way that you can participate is to buy an official tee shirt of the event.  All proceeds of the tee shirt go to the 100 Happy Days Foundation and they cost €10 with the option to make an additional €5 donation.  The tees have a variety of uplifting messages on the back so that on the day of the parade you can read everyone’s tee shirts and feel inspired.  When you order your shirt online you can have delivered to your home address so that you will be prepared and ready to go on the day of the parade.

The event in Barcelona

Big bubblesWhile the Global Bubble Parade is a free event, it is asked that all participants register online ahead of time to keep track of the number of participants and so that they can be updated on the route.  You can register for the event by clicking here as well as read some more information about registration.  The route has not been officially posted yet but more information will be published in the following weeks.  Another way to stay updated on this event is to join the official Facebook event page in which all information related to the Barcelona parade can be found.  As of now there are more than  14,000 people interested in or confirmed as attending the event on the Facebook page.  In addition to registering and buying your tee shirt for the day of the parade, don’t forget to bring your bubbles!  You can either buy your own or look at the Global Bubble Parade’s website for some tips on how to save some money and make bubbles at home.  So mark your calendars, bring your bubbles, and make your way to the parade on May 29!

About the author


Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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