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Swing in The Name of Fun

Swing in The Name of Fun
Written by Enrique

One of the best aspects of Barcelona, is the incredible amount of chance there is to come across an opportunity to unwind and have fun. During the post breakfast stroll through the city, I came across a series of individuals doing nothing else than wearing a gorgeous smile and swinging lively to the rhythm of the music. The elaborate dancing techniques did not go unnoticed for very long. Hundreds of people gathered around the thirty or so couples that were participating in this flash mob like event.

Swing and Spin

Plaza Reial is is a formidable square that hosts local delicacies as well as fun night clubs to dance away the pain. For the most part there is always Swing onesomething going on in the plaza. Whether it be a nail biting soccer match or a random public event this plaza swears to never host a dull moment. This time was an elaborate contribution of dancers ranging from beginner to advanced or even professional levels. The theme of this gracious event was swing Jazz.

Truth is that here in Barcelona Jazz is not dead. In fact more alive then ever before. The beat sensation felt during the roaring 20s and 80s has sparked a new will and attitude for new styles of Jazz. During hat warm early summer day, Plaza real demonstrated and supported the need for this unique style of music and dance. In fact over 200 supporters decided to show up to this event and thus the cause at hand.

Jazz Will Always Prevail

Plaza Reial, is not the only place where Jazz is appreciated. All the throughout the city of Barcelona you Couplecan find Jazz clubs. These exhilarating and upbeat establishments provide Jazz fanatics with upbeat sounds and room to swing the good old hips without prejudice or the need to enact John Travolta like in the movie grease.

The Jazz culture here in Barcelona is irrefutably one of the best scenes to be a part of. There are really not very many places were you can intimately dance like no one else but you and your dance partner are in the room. In addition to this, the music scene in particular that of Jazz, has truly developed into a sound that is not only attractive for adults but for people of all ages. Attending a Jazz club in Barcelona has definitely become a must do when visiting this wonderful land of musically inclined talent.

Here are a few kicking spots for jazz:

Banker’s Bar

38-40, Passeig de Gràcia, 08007

Little Italy Jazz

30, Rec, 08003


Pl. Reial, 17, Ciutat Vella, 08002


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