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Is This MBA Program Right For You?

Is this the right program for you
Written by Enrique

An honest and stern management is crucial for any business to be successful. A really important are of economy that requires a lot of constant attention is tourism. This area is really important when it comes to capital income. Many areas of different countries rely on tourism as a means of income. This area of business is in constant desperate need of individuals with eager to want to make a difference. Though tourism is a fantastic field, like everything other field, it has its ups but it also has its downs. At times this field will prove to be extremely challenging which is why it is extremely important to make sure this field is the right one for you. MBA tourismMost people that invest into MBA programs are mainly oriented toward business and finances.

A Growing Industry

However, a growing number of individuals are realizing that tourism is where it is at. This field has and will continue to grow simply because this field facilitates the ability for people to be able to play. What other field allows you to work where people love to play? The best part of this field is that although you have to work you will most definitely have you time for entertainment. At the end of the day it is almost as if you are getting paid to show people a great vacation and an unforgettable time.

To put into perspective, this past year it was estimated that tourism generated approximately 1.4 trillion dollars worldwide. This has proven to be a shock for many people since the lingering lash of the recent economical recession can still be felt. Nonetheless however, within the past couple of years, tourism has increased drastically. The increase is not only felt through its economical boom but also through the increase of related jobs. As a matter of fact it was recently estimated that the industry increased 5% thus connecting one in eleven jobs to tourism.

chickAttraction and Influence

The drastic attraction toward this industry has deterred MBA programs from their typical financial and business influence to focusing on programs that will further upcoming prospects into tourism experts. One of the key factors that these new programs are focusing on is customer service. This area of the industry is probably the most important one of them all. Without proper costumer care any business will indefinitely fail. It is for this and some other reasons that choosing this area of management will prove to challenging. Always remember that a smile goes a long ways.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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