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Interview with Delphine Castel, Communication and Marketing Manager at ShBarcelona

Written by Adriana

In ShBarcelona we love to hear from our customers that during their stay in Barcelona they felt like at their own home and they have discovered a wonderful city. And there is nothing that makes us happier than to contribute to this successful experience … So we start here with a series of articles to interview our staffso they will directly give you personal advice and recommendations to improve your visit to this city.Take note of the responses of our dear Delphine!

First of all … could you introduce yourself and tell us what is your job within ShBarcelona?

shbarcelonaMy name is Delphine, I’m French, from Normandie, especifically from the city of Rouen. I came to Barcelona in the summer of 2012 and since January 2013 I have been the Head of Communication and Marketing of the real estate services company ShBarcelona. I make the brand’s communications strategy, for us to be visible online and offline, for example, on the Internet so our customers find us quickly. We offer everything they need to be satisfied during their stay. For example, our blog helps them find everything they might need in Barcelona in 5 languages. It is not just a real estate agency, we hold their hand throughout their stay.

Could you tell us about your career until you got into ShBarcelona?

I did my studies in Paris, France. For four years I studied in a school of communication and continued one year more to do a master in marketing in a business school. So I have been 15 years working in communications and marketing services for different multinational companies.

As a foreigner, what do you think of Barcelona?

It’s a great town! First, we have an incredible weather all year to enjoy the sea, the beach, but also the mountain; It is a luxury. Moreover, Barcelona is a very dynamic city, there is a huge cultural offer, the architecture of the city is one of the nicest I have seen in my trips and also fosters innovation and technology without losing its own Catalan identity. I feel really good living here.

What do you like the most about Barcelona? And the least?

I think my previous answer explains what I like the most, I add also the Catalan and Spanish gastronomy, with the Fideuà, Escalivada and calçotadas. What I like the least about living in Barcelona? Well, there isn’t really something specific that I don’t like about Barcelona,only that my friends and family miss me. Because really, I do not see anything negative in Barcelona. Maybe ask me again in 10 years and I will have some things, I lived here for six years, so there’s nothing to highlight right now.

barcelona-landscapeWhat advice would you give to those foreigners who come to live in Barcelona or spend some time in the city?

Sometimes our foreign customers ask us for accommodation in Barcelona in the city center, but I think to really enjoy the soul of Barcelona, you should live at the less touristy neighborhoods. This way you will have a much more typical experience of living with less tourists around, surrounded by typical bars and restaurants, small businesses, local neighbours and fewer international franchises. Also, I recommend you to visit the cities outside but close to Barcelona, for example the Costa Brava has wonderful and beautiful villages and beaches. Barcelona has a very good railway network and train facilities so it is very easy to move around and visit cities near there.

Can you reveal any secret places of Barcelona you have discovered and not many know?

Sure, of course!

caseta_migdia_There is a resting place in Montjuic where not many people go, a great viewpoint to get great views from the city from under a tree. It’s called “La Caseta del Migdia“, we have already talked about this place before in this blog. You can spend a Sunday during the summer or have some “tapas” there after work,  relax with friends or on your own while reading a book.

Another secret, which is rather an strategy more than a secret… Barcelona’s success can sometimes cause the locals don’t attend all cultural events because of endless tourists queue. So if you fancy visiting a museum or an iconic landmark in Barcelona, think about buying tickets online. Will be needless queuing and that, during the peak season, it’s great. I always recommend to do that!

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