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Interview to the personal trainer from Hydrogenius

Written by Adriana

Doing exercise can become, to many of us, a boring activity. Others keep paying a gym where they never went since they sign up the first day. In order to avoid this happening, from ShBarcelona, we want to suggest an option that will make that getting fit will be a fun, needed and addictive challenge. Join the training club Hydrogenius, and start now training with a personal trainer who will totally adapt to your own needs and physical condition. The novelty of this initiative is that Hydrogenius propose to practice sports at open air in Barcelona and its surroundings. Let’s meet its creator…

What is the advantage of training or practicing sports with a personal trainer or in a small group?

There are several advantages. The first is performance. From a guided training you get better results without doing long sessions. More quality in less time. The second advantage is social. Practicing exercise with company stimulates effort and avoids the monotony of training alone. And the third is preventive. A coach is aware of the execution of each exercise and avoid mistakes that could lead you to some injure.

What outdoor locations are best to do these workouts if you live in or around Barcelona?

We love train near the sea. There are several places along the coast that provide ideal spaces, from the Forum to the Hotel W. When we feel like going to the mountain, we have Montjuic and Carretera de les Aigües. And then there are little oasis in the city that we use from time to time, as the Ciudadela Park or Parque Cervantes. We will publish an article on our blog about the best places in Barcelona to go jogging.

Tell us... what is Hydrogenius?

Hydrogenius is a training club that offers a multiple system of physical training. Most of our sessions are outdoors and take advantage of the city’s resources and apply them to our programs. We are very interested in the concept “anywhere, anytime”. We run close to the beach, cross circuit in the Forum, plyometrics on Montjuic steps, swimming in the sea, half-day intensive trainings, etc. The list gets longer with the good weather arrival.

What kind of training or physical preparations do you offer? Is it suitable for both girls and boys?

We call it multilateral training: we use various disciplines and take advantage from their relationship with two main objectives: to improve our skills and that it’d be a gratifying experience. We avoid the routine of gym machines to find new training ways. And yes, it is suitable for both boys and girls.

What training would you recommend to get fit if you train regularly without being an athlete?


The most important organ is the heart. Everything else depends on it, so you have to start doing more aerobic exercise. Running, swimming and cycling. Best if all three. From there, you can choose. Our recommendation is to practice different disciplines. As soon as the body gets use to it, stops getting better, so if you want to improve you have to keep working out.

If you work out or train, your nutrition is also very important, do you have that in mind at Hydrogenius?

Yes, we do. What we eat affects us differently depending on the exercise you do. If you train, you have to eat things to support you physical exercise, to help the physiological processes that occur and to prolong your life in active sports. We offer advice to design nutrition plans that meet these conditions and match the goals of each person.

And finally, what would you say to those who are willing to start a training but still haven’t objectives?

You would know what your objectives will be while training. Start today.

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