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Interview to Granja Petitbo owners

Written by Adriana

This cafeteria located on the corner of Aragon Street with Paseo Sant Joan attracts your attention on the very first moment by the large windows and the old-style sign. Once you go in you discover a beautifully decorated place with restored wooden furniture, fresh flowers, antiques with a lot of personality and dishes presented in a way that invites you to try everything on the menu. Its commitment to quality products and homemade dishes, complete the list of features that have made the Granja Petitbo to become a must for many and a reputed place in this area. At last you can enjoy a deli brunch far away from l’Eixample in Barcelona! Well, and you can ejoy much more too…! Let’s know more about the Granja Petitbo through its owners Pedro and Rodrigo…

How did the idea of opening the Farm Petitbò came up?

Due to a journey in which we discover the Shoreditch area in London and some more sites that we liked there, we started thinking about the idea of opening a space that somehow would capture two of our hobbies: design and gastronomy.

Granja Petitbo a bit far away from the city center and it’s still difficult to find a place in your tables, do you think this area of the city was demanding a place like this?

We have been very well received in the neighborhood, so I imagine that yes, it was 😉

Your success has come really soon after your opening, how this process has been?

We never had imagined anything like this, so we have faced it with great enthusiasm and learning new things every day.

What can we find in the Granja Petitbo?

We offer a wide selection of juices and natural products. For us the quality of the product it is very important of the product and, therefore, everything is 100% homemade. During the week you can have breakfast, lunch, a snack or a drink throughout the day. Every day we prepare a different menu and cakes, biscuits or varied pastries. And the weekend is dedicated to our brunch, with homemade pancakes with chocolate and strawberries, and Benedict eggs on a freshly baked brioche.

What differentiates this place from other cafes?

Each cafeteria has its own personality, and somehow we have found ours. So, one of the most important things for us was to create a welcoming space that makes the customer feel at home.

The decoration at Granja Petitbo is one of its charms, who is responsible for it?

The design of the space and the decor has run of our own, because as we said earlier is one of our hobbies and we enjoyed thinking of every detail.

Thank you for your answers!

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