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Inspiration From Within – Art In Barcelona

Inspiration From Within - Art In Barcelona
Written by Enrique

StoryUnlike anything or at least very few emotions felt on this earth, inspiration flows from deep within. Although preparing the canvas is a process, nothing compares like the conviction that is necessary to appease the mind of an artist with the end of a brush. To many individuals painting is a technique or better yet, a medium by which one can express an idea or emotion. To an artist the brush is the pen, the paint is the ink and the canvas is the blank sheet of paper that will perhaps someday tell a story to millions.

True Power

After thorough exploration of the city of Barcelona, an artist can easily conclude that inspiration is not a nostalgic trigger for emotional release. Inspiration is a weapon, in fact the most powerful weapon of them all. Inspiration has moved people across continents, it has set man on the moon, and it has helped cause as well as to cease peace between nations. Regardless of what inspiration has involuntarily deployed, it has provided hundreds of breathtaking pieces of art. What makes inspiration such an interesting topic is its ability to remain as un-biased and as timeless as it has and continues to be.

Inspiration From WithinEveryday hundreds of upcoming artists are able to unleash their inner demons by converting them into raw pieces of human ingenuity. Each stroke is complimented with shade and contrast, without them the piece that is in progress would not reflect the mind of the artist as a whole. It would only be able to resemble sporadic thoughts and unconscious commitments. This city offers unconditional love to those that know how channel it wisely. See, Barcelona does not accept rejects, it embraces them. Like any mother, this city holds its children tight and their enemies tighter. With love and inspiration most things in life are most definitely achievable.


Although art is a universal language, artists more often than not must face a tough audience in order to be able to expose their work. Modern day artists demonstrate their abilities through vary many ways, especially here in Barcelona. Presently, new art exhibitions are readily located throughout the city. Ranging from abstract to experimental sculptures, mediums and ideas are able to cultivate audiences from all over the world all throughout the year. An interesting fact in regards to this notion is being able to identify the art-series that are scattered all throughout the city. Barcelona will always be one of the most notorious the birth places for some of the best artists and art all around the world.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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