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In the Mood For Food, a blog that will whet your apetite

Written by Adriana

Food is one of the topics that focus most interest, snapshots and content in online media and social networks, we all know that and practice, at some point in our lives, the “foodporn”. We have seen, in recent years, the rise of food lovers blogs that share  selflessly their recommendations in Internet, for pleasure, even social networks only for restaurants and bars have emerged. This is known by Lisi Lluch, a passionate about eating well. She decided to stop working with such a difficult schedule in the advertising world and start her own business and her own blog about eating and food. That’s how  came up. Do you want to know what exactly it is? In this interview by ShBarcelona you will know more about her and her work…

What’s In The Mood For Food and what can we find on it?

In the Mood for Food is a personal and transferable gastronomic diary from Barcelona. You’ll find recommendations for restaurants, recipes and other curiosities. Always under a casual, cool and sincere prism.

How did the idea for this blog came up?

I left in a multinational advertising with incompatible schedules and I spent a year taking care of my baby and do everything that fascinated me. I took a course in gardening and other of haute cuisine at the Hofmann School. Learning the recipes were complex, and I wanted to have an online album with graphic documents to help myself and others cook them. Then I wrote about a restaurant and so this way the blog had more and more content, I didn’t know where I was going… I started writing about what I liked, and gradually took on its identity and language.

Who’s behind In The Mood For Food and what is your background?

Captura de pantalla 2014-07-29 a la(s) 05.03.06My name is Lisi Lluch Herbert, and I am an art director. I have my own advertising agency now, is called is in Gracia, Barcelona. I combine my passion for food writing at night about my culinary experiences.

How do you find your inspiration or culinary references for each blog post?

I have no rules! I don’t plan what I’m going to write about next… I like going out to have lunch or have dinner and most of all, discovering new places. I am very curious, and I think that this is what like me the most. My friends recommend me restaurants and I take notes on my cellphone, then I check my list when I go out to dinner. Sometimes I read about them, or even walk down the street and see some interesting place. If I love a place, for whatever reason, I can’t help to try it and write about it on my blog.

Can you share with us three places to eat in Barcelona you have recently discovered and have surprised you?

You put me in a difficult position! Let’s see… Last week I went to Envalira, a restaurant that has been open since 1972 in the Plaça del Sol which is wonderful. The second generation own the place now and they cook some wonderful rice and fish. I loved the love that emanated from their work and their humility.

tsukemenI also loved the Yamane Café, a small restaurant in the Brusi Street that Ame. Cocina owns where she claims and serves traditional Japanese cuisine (forget the sushi). The place is romantic, delightful and everything is done with extreme fondness.

Another site that I love is Elsa and Fred, in La Ribera, near where I lived before. A family bistro (own by two sisters) with large windows overlooking the street with a cozy decor. The atmosphere is colorful and friendly. Everything is super good and gives me a good vibe going there.

In your blog you also have a job section, how it works?

Well, this has not been very successful, and I’m sad because I wanted to be a meeting point for professionals. People always ask me if I know a chef or a head waiter, or a sushi man … And I thought the blog would be a good platform, but it is not for the moment. Let’s see what happens!

And finally, any plans or future collaborations for In The Mood For Food which you can tell us about?

Well not now! I’m in for any interesting… As the recent collaboration with Cookbooth in their new Chefs and Foodies section. But the truth is that I have little time… I have my job, my two sons and the blog… And this year I’ve been writing and illustrating a book about the adoption of our son in Ethiopia!

The plan is to stick with explaining short stories about people who work with passion in the cooking business and speak from the heart. Those are the places that interest me and I look forward to discovering them and sharing them with enthusiasm.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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