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Living in Barcelona

How to deal with the post-Christmas crunch

Written by Adriana

The hardest month of the year, January, begins. During this month we try to redress us from Christmas meals and expenses. Start saving for this coming month! In order for you to save happily and in a useful way from ShBarcelona we have decided to give you a few tips that will help you to save a little more this month and to face the post-Christmas crunch, so you will arrive in February with money in your bank account. Here there are a few recommendations…

Saving in groceries:

– prepare food for the week and put it on tupperware on the freezer to eat every weekday with a lunch box, you can also bring a bottle or water refilled from home and a piece of fruit for dessert to avoid “temptations”.

– don’t go shopping if you are hungry and don’t buy things you do not need, stick to the shopping list.

– Save by buying seasonal products

– don’t get excited with discounts, buy only products that you need despite the sales you can find

Save on bills:

-Change all light bulbs at home for light bulbs with low consumption and turn off the lights when you come out from a room

– Use power strips for plugs and turn off them if you aren’t using anything that is plugged into them.

– Do not let you cell phone plugged all night

– Wash your clothes with cold water and with a saving program

– don’t use the toilet as a trash can and pull the chain using half of the tank, if you can

– washing dishes by hand and with cold water

– avoid to warm up food in the microwave, put it out from the freezer a little early.

Saving in transportation:

– if you go on a trip close to your city opt for the carsharing or carpooling (there are many websites that provide you this service as Amovens, BlaBlaCar, Carpooling or Viajamos Juntos)

– use public transportation, go by bike or walk if the distance is manageable

– if you use the car, share it with your teammates to go to work and locate the cheapest gas stations in your journey

– avoid tickets while driving, of course

– travel by train if you go out during the weekend

Saving in entertainment:

– postpone buying expensive tickets until February

– find discounts or offers on show tickets you want to book

– avoid dining out or eating out and cook at home, sometimes is even healthier and wealthier.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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