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How is a successful entrepreneur like?

Written by Adriana

There is much talk about the entrepreneurs and the importance of having the ability to create new businesses in this time of crisis, but what nobody tells you is that not everyone is able to undertake these kinds of ideas. Starting a company requires to take some risks, an innovative or original idea, some resources and money that has to be distributed in a wise way and a strategy to become a successful business, and that requires many qualities that initially should be concentrated in one person (and is not easy to have them all). From ShBarcelona we will list some of the qualities that, in our opinion, are fundamental to the profile of a successful entrepreneur. If you’ve decided to create a new company and you think you lack in some of them, it’s time to start working on those weaknesses and turn them into strengths…

– To be creative and have a business vision in a short, medium and long term to identify the market need that needs to be fulfilled.

– Having the necessary resources and capital and have a good business plan

-To be idealistic – but true to yourself, is important to be flexible, adaptable and open to suggestions from experts and to potential changes, even to give a 180° turn to the initial idea.

– Ability to take risks, be committed to the idea and be persistent and patient, things take time, the benefits won’t come immediately.

– A high level of technical knowledge within the field in which your idea is in order to be competitive.

– To be communicative and have leadership ability to clearly “sell” your idea and communicate the direction to be taken by the company at any time, both to talk to your team and to potential customers.

– To be well connected and well advised.

– To be optimistic, confident, intuitive and operative to anticipate potential problems before they arise.

– To be aware of the limitations of the idea or of oneself and deal with them.

– Learn to delegate tasks and be good on the teamwork, trust those involved in the project.

– To know how to sell your idea and be confident 100 %  with it, be persuasive.

– Take the opportunity beyond the resources available, this is the basic difference between a corporate executive and an entrepreneur (as they say, “in a great desert someone saw Las Vegas”).

– Must be emotionally mature person with ethics and great capacity for work.

If you think you possess all these personal and professional qualities don’t have any doubt that you can become a good entrepreneur with a successful business.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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