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Handmade festival, the “do it yourself” fair

Written by Adriana

The global culture of capitalism make that industries of almost all brands that “eat” small brands in times of crisis, are relocating its production and the essence of the unique and authentic things is lost. All this leads to a lowering of costs, prices and quality. What can you do against that? accept that there isn’t a better way than letting it go and buy cheap, fight it producing your own manufactured products  or going to small traders who make their products by hand or in a more traditional way. Definitely the Handmade Festival, that will be be held at the Fira de Barcelona for three days from tomorrow April the 25th, is a good representation of that resistance to this massive process and is getting stronger, formed by conscious individuals. This initiative opt for the “do it yourself” and  you shouldn’t miss out on it while staying in one of the rental apartments in ShBarcelona .

This festival will host creative workshops to learn how to bind, how to prepare cocktails, how to knit scarves, to do household items or natural creams, to flea markets, exhibitions of paper dresses or Cubist quilts, food tastings, concerts, master classes to introduce new products and dozens of other activities. All this has to foster among visitors and anyone who will go to the festival this weekend, acquiring a greater awareness of the production process of what we consume, of the things we decorate our house with, the clothes we wear, and basically all around us and can be processed in some way.

There are several areas in which the activities are organized within the festival: the paper, in which enthusiasts of using this material may learn new techniques and find some new materials; the thread, where people can learn about the latest trends in fabrics, textile materials and techniques for sewing or making their own clothes or fabrics; cooking area takes a leading role especially with three elaborations (chocolate, bread and beer); the Brico & deco & garden area, with the introduction of new techniques and products to treat furniture, making candles and elaborations of natural cosmetics, urban gardens, etc.; Mini Handmade Festival, for the children to start experimenting with the “do it yourself”; handmade Weddings which will focus on wedding planning “handmade” style.

Do not miss this event that respects the environment and is only 10 euros, from 10am to 8pm between the 25th and 27th of April.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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  • Dear Adriana,
    I am from Romania and I’ve been several times in Barcelona for EIBTM, as I am a Certified Travel Consultant.
    Just lately I found out about this “Handmade Festival”. Here in Romania we do have such events as well and I am really interested.
    I tried to find out more details online, but… I couldn’t find very much.
    I’ll be in Barcelona at the beginning of May and I’ll be much obliged if you could provide something more about this event. Are there conferences on this topic or meetings?
    Thank you very much!
    All best wishes,
    Mihail Tudor
    Product Manager
    Constanta – Romania

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