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All about apartment rentals

Guide of the documents and obligations for renting an apartment

Written by Anna

We know that being a landlord is not the same as being a tenant. The obligations are not the same. This article from ShBarcelona is for the owner: the one who wants to rent his apartment.

Being the owner of your first studio or investing, all the reasons are good to be the owner and this trend has been confirmed in recent years in view of the exponential increase in the number of apartments for rent in Barcelona. It is true that it can become a good investment to consider a return of additional money.

If you have decided to take the plunge, this article is for you. Below we offer you all the information about the documents and obligations you will need to offer an apartment for rent in Barcelona.

Are you an owner? Find tenants now

Here are the documents you will need to rent your flat

As with any procedure, certain bureaucratic steps are essential and to this is added a series of documents to be provided in order to offer an apartment for rent. If you want to know the terms and procedures, we explain them below.

📌 All procedures are governed by the LAU (law on urban leases) and regulates the rental sector in Barcelona.

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1. Certificate of habitability: This mandatory document is used to prove that your home meets all the necessary conditions to be inhabited. It shall be managed by the competent entity of each autonomous community. In the case of Barcelona, the Generalitat of Catalonia will be responsible for issuing this document. In this sense, it should be noted that there will be specific deadlines and procedures for each region.

2. Energy efficiency certificate: Since 2013, all housings must have this certificate. Failure to do so could result in a penalty. It is a label that specifies the amount of CO2 your property emits into the atmosphere.

3. Find a tenant: The time has come to decide who will come to live in your apartment. We recommend that you make an analysis of potential customers and calmly make the decision, valuing each of the received profiles.

📌 ShBarcelona carries out an exhaustive analysis of the qualitative profiles of potential tenants guaranteeing 0 defaults.
4. The lease: It is ultimately the most important document of all. We recommend a simple handwriting, intelligible by all and that can be understood quickly. It will have to be adjusted in accordance with the LAU and all rights and obligations of both parties must be reflected.
5. Expenses: You should consider the change of ownership of electricity, water and gas accounts in the event that your property is rented long term. Taking care of this procedure can allow you to rent your property faster. In the case of a seasonal rental, in other words, for a few months, no change is required, the tenant will pay at the end of his contract what he consumes on receipt of invoices and meter readings, this will be regularized on the deposit.
📌 By handing over the rental management to ShBarcelona, you will be free from all these procedures. Key Account Managers take care of everything to make life easier for the owner and ensure the best service.

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Are you ready to put your apartment for rent? As you can see the procedures for renting a property are simple, but you need to know all the ins and outs of the sector.

The best is to rely on an expert who will help you optimize your property, guaranteeing a stable income and a rent without a hitch.

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