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Grab a burger by the beach at Bro Barcelona

Grab a burger by the beach at Bro Barcelona
Written by Samuel

Tucked away in a square just 5 mins from Barceloneta beach, this simple and rustic burger joint is a real find. I first saw the place by chance walking back from the beach towards Barceloneta metro station and was immediately enticed by its stylish decor and eye-catching menu board.  After some further research, including a range of excellent trip advisor reviews, I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

Simple and stylish

NachosHaving walked into the restaurant we were greeted by a friendly and welcoming member of staff who showed us to a seat and gave us an English menu. The restaurant’s decor is simple and unassuming. My focus was drawn toward the large menu board behind the counter. The tables were clean and modern and the atmosphere was relaxed. The restaurant was a little quiet, although I think that this was perhaps owing to the fact we were the first diners to grace the restaurant as soon as it opened at 8 pm.

Freshly prepared food to order

To start, we had a plate of nachos with Guacamole. We were hesitant about ordering guacamole in a burger joint, and were worried it may not be freshly prepared, but were pleasantly surprised. Arriving in a matter of minutes, with fresh lime and fragrant coriander, the guacamole was delicious.

To follow, I had the Mexicana Burger. It was cooked medium and the beef was tender and tasty. The burger had a healthy dollop of guacamole, some spicy salsa, chipotle sauce, onion, lettuce and tomato. The result was fantastic and I would definitely recommend this burger if you visit! All their burgers are made with artisan bread and homemade sauces too.

I went with a vegetarian who ordered the veggie sandwich, which consisted of a chickpea based patty, caramelised onions, lettuce, cheese and tomato. The sandwich was extremely well received, However, the veggie sandwich is the only veggie option on the menu and there is no veggie burger. Given the increasing number of great veggie restaurants tapping into this ever growing market, I think that it would be well worth their while to offer another vegetarian option  or two. This is probably my only niggle against what was a great burger experience.

There are a number of cervezas on the menu including Moritz beer, and Estrella Galicia. The wine list was not extensive and as far as could tell consisted of white and red, but we ordered the red and it was very drinkable.

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Great value for money

veggieWe had two drinks, nachos, burger and a sandwich and the bill came to €21,30, which was very reasonable. Compared to other well-known burger places on the burger scene such as Bacoa, Bro is very competitive and is not going to break the bank. All in all, Bro Barcelona is a great burger joint, so whether you need to refuel after a long walk along the beach (or a hard day’s sunbathing), or you just want a good quality burger, I can assure you that Bro won’t disappoint.

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Samuel Purnell is a journalism student living in Barcelona.

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