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No Child Left Behind|Barcelona

No Child Left Behind Barcelona
Written by Enrique

educoA really awesome organization that has been helping kids obtain a decent education is Educo. This global ONG defends the rights of children, especially the right to a good education. This ONG works with children and their environment in order to be able to promote more just and equal standards. Barcelona truly focuses on protecting educational rights as well as trying to provide its community with better educational programs. Since the economical rollercoaster, education in Barcelona has been kept a priority. Organizations such as these ensure that proper education is administered and proper exercises of rights are met.

Bringing Education Closer

Barcelona is a wonderful place and has attracted a variety of ethnic backgrounds creating a melting pot like phenomena. The beautiful aspect about this organization is that it provides children from all backgrounds the opportunity to exercise their right to demand proper education. kidThough educational funding sometimes deals with shortages, volunteer opportunities continue to be in high demand. However, Educo does not stop at education. Educo has set up programs that provide underprivileged families with warm meals. This program has been nurtured by thousands of people as achieved great things in the last few years.

Mentor and Give Back to The Community

This awesome ONG is truly making impacts  in Spanish communities. Everyday volunteers tend to the programs with excellent care and personal dedication. To put it into perspective since 2013 over one million meals have been delivered to feed under resourced communities. In terms of education over 213 schools have attained aid from these programs. Hundreds of students have benefited from the programs offered by this ONG. Volunteers have been feeling so strong about the programs that more than 25,000 people have collaborated with some form of donation. Businesses have also proven to be strong supporters of this organization with a whopping 290 companies that actively support the cause. Now more than ever will help be appreciated and the work is never truly over.

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