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Gifts for your boss

Gifts for your boss
Written by Paula

It’s a touchy subject, but one many have to deal with: what should I give to my boss? Those who work in situations in which they have a day to day contact with their boss, or are invited to an event in which they should bring a gifts, are sometimes invaded by doubt when it’s time to select an appropriate gift. Here are some suggestions from ShBarcelona.

For the serious boss

gift bossThe most difficult boss to choose a gift for is always the serious boss. One option is to give him a biographical book of an inspiring character in history, like Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King or whoever your boss may have expressed admiration for. You can easily find books like that at stores like Fnac or Casa del Llibre, which sell mainly books in Spanish and Catalan, but have a couple of books in English, or go to an English-language bookstore like Come In.

Another good option is to give him a bottle or a case of some quality wine. Bodeboca has a nice variety of wines and wine cases that can be offered as a gift.

For the adventurous boss

Got an adventurous boss? There are plenty of fun, adrenaline-filled activities for which you can buy vouchers. Companies like Adventures Barcelona offer activities like rock climbing, kiting, rafting, scuba diving, windsurfing and much more.

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For the jokester boss

The jokester boss is a guy who is usually in a good mood and who likes to see his employees feeling good too. He appreciates gags, jokes, or anything that is in good, healthy fun. One thing you can do is to go to Fnac and explore their merchandise department to find a cool t-shirt or perhaps a bobblehead character from his favorite movie or tv show. Another place where you will find a lot of amusing items is Ryman Ryman, a chain of stores specialized in funny gifts like the Elvis Presley table lamp, the portable R2-D2 vacuum cleaner, or the Batman USB pen.  You can find Ryman Ryman stores in two locations: Carrer de Santa Anna 37 and Carrer Pi 10.

For the cool, young boss

A Game of Thrones DVD box set, the new Black Keyes CD, the new coolest book… The cool, young bosses are people for whom is easy to pick a gift. They are usually the most approachable ones who actually become their employers’ friends. Just to go to a Media Markt or Fnac and choose something in the entertainment department you know he would appreciate.

For the travel-junkie boss

gift bossThere are a lot of things you can offer to someone who is constantly traveling. You could, for example, give your boss a good travel book. Guia at Travessera de Gràcia 146 and Libreria Altaïr at Gran Vía 616 specialize in travel books. Then there are stores that sell other products that are useful for travelers, like Muji, at Rambla Catalunya 81 or Avenida Portal de l’Àngel 19, or even online stores like Vèrtic, in which you can find anything from waterproof first aid kits to survival whistles.      

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