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Traditional and Popular Games of Spain

Written by Brian S

Spain is a country full of unique traditions. They even have their very own culture of Spanish games. Across the country, several traditional games are enjoyed by both children and adults alike. From card games to board games and dominoes, most of the popular variations in Spain are either Spanish-based or from another country with slightly altered rules. Here are some of the most traditional and popular games in Spain.

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Spanish Baraja

Photo via Pixabay

Baraja is the name of the deck of cards used in multiple Spanish card games going as far as back as the 14th century. Traditional games include Mus, Tute, and Seven-Thirty. Mus originated in Basque Country and is arguably the most-played card game in Spain. In the game, four players working as two teams must get the most combined points after several rounds. Tute is a trick-taking game in which players must score the most points in cards won by holding certain combinations of cards. Seven-thirty is a game with very similar rules to blackjack, but instead of twenty-one points, players aim for seven and a half. Face cards are worth half a point while the cards from ace to seven are worth their numerical value.

Domino, Parchís, and Oca

Photo via Pixabay

The Spanish are also adamant fans of dominoes, the white rectangular tiles with black dots that can be used to play a variety of games. One of the most popular games is called Matador, in which players win by combining pips instead of matching numbers.

Parchís is another popular Spanish board game that is based on the Indian game Pachisi. Four players with a pawn each must go around the board until reaching their “safe zone.” Simply, one must pass another, or “eat” them, to send the opponents back to the start. It’s similar to the popular U.S. board game of Sorry! 

Oca is a traditional children’s game dating back to the 16th century. In this game, numbered spaces are arranged in a spiral and players must move pieces according to the number they roll, facing a variety of shortcuts and obstacles towards the end.

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Spain is home to a variety of traditional games that both adults and children still enjoy today. More than just sports and video games, there’s also a culture of basic games that have been around for generations and go back centuries. You can buy them cheaply at many game stores throughout the city where the tradition lives on for all ages.

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