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Food Markets in Barcelona

Written by James

One of the best ways to get to know the city you are living or staying in is through exploration of the food popular among its natives. For most people this means finding a nice local restaurant that’s chief patrons are from the area. But an even better way to discover the true taste of a city is by visiting the various food markets dotted around. This is especially true of Barcelona, and food enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when it comes to discovering food markets and what they have to offer. This article will reveal some of the better food markets of the city and will explain how readers can find apartments to rent in Barcelona.

Food Markets in Barcelona

The Spanish are famous for their distinctive taste in cuisine, and their dishes combine traditional Catalan preparations and meals with unique flavours and food types. Spanish food is very suitable for sharing among friends, and the food markets of Barcelona are excellent places for socialising and getting to know the local culture. La Boqueria Food Market is one of the most famous food markets in Barcelona and one of the largest in Europe. Readers interested in visiting La Boqueria Food Market are advised to visit the area before one or two in the afternoon, as it can become quite busy and difficult to navigate. This food market is open from 8am to 20.30pm Mondays to Saturday.

The Sant Antoni Market is also very popular although visitors to Barcelona should note that the majority of stalls are closed during the month of August. There is a very famous tapas bar found in the middle of the market, and on Sundays you will find a coin and market that may be of interest to collectors. Readers interested in visiting a market that specialises organic food such as honey and cheese should make a trip to Fira Artensa, which is open on the first Friday and Saturday of every month. The Barcelona Tourist Guide website has further details of food markets worth visiting, as does this Lonely Planet article.

Renting in Barcelona

There are plenty of reputable renting agencies in Barcelona but all readers are advised to work with a company such as ShBarcelona who are the current leaders when it comes to one month apartment rentals. They also have properties available to rent for varied periods of time ranging from a single day to a full year. This makes them very ideal for both residents and visitors to the city looking for a new place to stay in. Residents of Barcelona or those interested in buying property will be happy to know that ShBarcelona also has a number of long-term rentals in Barcelona in addition to properties for sale.


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