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Living in Barcelona

3 ways to fall in love when in Barcelona

Written by James

You have finally worked up the nerve and have decided to move to Barcelona. Certainly one of the biggest challenges you’ll find yourself faced with of course is to make new friends or find someone to fall in love with.

For those who are looking for love then here is 3 ways it could be possible for you to find and fall in love whilst in this beautiful city.

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Way 1 – Live with a local

Photo by kpgolfpro via VisualHunt

Search for accommodation that is available with someone who already is a resident of the city. It can be either someone who is actually from Barcelona or someone who like you has decided to move there. Once you have got to know your housemate of course they will then try to help you integrate better into the community. They may start off initially by just introducing you to their own circle of friends and of course their family. But as time goes by and you become part of the gang you’ll find your confidence growing and are able to start making friends of your own.

Why rely on dating sites to find you love, when there is every chance that the person for you is sat beside you at work, in the bar or at a friend’s house.

Way 2 – do a spot of couchsurfing

These groups are great if you already have somewhere to stay during your time in the city. As well as the main group you’ll often find that there are sub groups you can join where particular interests are covered. But don’t think that they spend all their time just sitting around talking, these groups often arrange events to help people to mingle more easily like visits to museums, galleries or music events.

Of course don’t just look for groups that already established why not start creating your own as well. For example if you have come to Barcelona to teach English, why not search for others who are doing the same and see if they would like to meet up. Not only could you end up making some really good friends, it may also help you to find a really good job.

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Way 3 – Become part of a meet up group

Photo by Fran Simó via / CC BY-NC-SA

Throughout Barcelona there are over 30 of these meet up groups active in the city. These groups are very easy to find and will provide you with details of what other members of the group are interested in so finding ones that have similar ones to your own shouldn’t be difficult. If you are meeting up with like-minded people then of course the chances of you finding someone to fall in love with may prove a lot easier as well.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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