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Visit the Museum of Science in Terrassa

Written by Adriana

This museum located in Terrassa, a town near Barcelona, which opened in 2004, is within a renovated modernist brick building. This space has nine floors, six of them underground, has natural light and a large public square overlooking the city. At the Science Museum you can find all year permanent and temporary exhibitions, some of which allow interaction with the public, which makes them perfect for little kids. Current issues and social issues with guided tours, lectures, debates, etc. take place in the temporary exhibitions. In permanent spaces there are scheduled activities for all the family as the “Toca, toca” (to have direct contact with animals and plants that are normally behind a display case and out of reach), “Planetario burbuja” (a planetary perfect to satisfy children’s curiosity by the astronomy), “El bosque inundado” -“The flooded forest” (an Amazonian forest simulation where you will walk between animals and native plants) or “El Muro geológico”-“The geological Wall” (more than 90 tons of rock showing the geological history). The main objective of all exposures is popularizing science for the public who visit this entertaining museum.

Right now temporary exhibitions that can be visited in the Museum of Science are:

Microlife, beyond the human eye, showing the microscopic world, of what we don’t see with the naked eye in nature and is behind the lens of a microscope. These technical advances have made a big contribution to science and have enabled the discovery of vaccines and other pathogens. Visitors can observe the optical gain in first person!

Sands and life within Mediterranean Sea: This exhibition get us to meet the Mediterranean Sea, one of the seas with more richness and diversity of our country, with highly populated coasts and, therefore, highly contaminated. Precisely because of that is necessary to expose this problem, to remind us of the importance of caring for the environment and its wildlife, and beaches that each year receive millions of local and international tourists.

Mediterranean Sea. Our sea like you’ve never seen it before: to continue knowing the Mediterranean Sea, this time on its “inside”, and to experience this exhibition, is this tour as a reflection of our relationship with the sea and how we take care of it. Visitors will have the opportunity to enter a bank of tunas, to observe the evolution of the salinity crisis and uncover the dangers threatening the future of the sea. Equally important is to know that the problem of marine pollution exists as to know what to do to not make it worse.

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