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Eat With people from around the world and taste the culture!

Written by Damien

During your short stay or long term rental in Barcelona where do you like to eat? Have you ever had someone else’s home cooking and wished you could experience that same unrivalled quality regularly? Do you like to host dinner parties and show off your culinary flair to others?
Well, let us introduce to you EatWith, a new worldwide global community that provides a fun and easy way for people to do just that!

A simple yet fantastic concept born from a memorable eating experience by co-founder Guy Michlin during his stay in Crete, where he sampled true Cretan dining and entertainment in someone’s home through a connection made by a friend. During an evening of food, drink and conversation, Guy’s new friends even gave him tips about places to visit and the places that the locals like to eat. This got Guy idealising a community website where people can find and host such experiences around the world.

Even with all the envious eateries on offer throughout Barcelona during your stay in a ShBarcelona rental, little can compare to the quality and culture of experiencing true home made cooking in comfort with new friends.
Think of the concept like this… when you go out for a meal how much do you spend, and what do you get for that money? You, of course, get your meal, a little bit of service, maybe some background music and a bill at the end, and that is pretty much it.
For the same amount if not less you get so much more at an EatWith event. Not only do you get fresh in front of your eyes cooking, you may get some cooking tips or lessons, maybe some entertainment, real comfort, new food, new friends from different cultures, and a great evening of conversation to go with your meal.

Here is what some recent guests had to say about their experience.
Claire: ‘Can’t beat new friends and new food all for the price of a meal!’
Anne-Cécile: ‘Awesome first EatWith experience, looking forward to the next adventure!’

As with anything like this, there is always going to be scepticism about the quality of the food, the safety and of course the quality of the experience itself. EatWith helps keep the worried minds at ease by personally approving their hosts and classing them as ‘EatWith verified’. That is reassuring but none more so than the profile system they have on the website. From there you can read more about the host, the cooking on offer, see pictures of the events and even, crucially, ratings and comments from other guests who have trusted them to a perfect evening. With this, you can pick the host and evening that looks right for you and know you will be satisfied and comfortable.

The website could not be simpler and more professional, within minutes you will be absorbed into the EatWith community. They offer support any time of the day, have the website available in Spanish and English and even support all major currencies.
The process is easy, sign up to host your very own evening or sign up for one of the trusted hosts events, who will prepare a home-made meal from fresh local ingredients. With over 100 different nationalities and over 50 types of cuisine created by passionate cooks currently within the community, you are sure to find something to tantalise your taste buds.

Whether you have just arrived in Barcelona, been here a few weeks or even months with ShBarcelona, meeting new people and sampling the true spirit of a city can sometimes be difficult, this is why a trusted community like EatWith really works! There is no better way to deeply immerse yourself into a new culture, share stories, experiences and ideas than over a good authentic meal (and the odd glass of cava). Over 60% of the guests that attend these events keep in contact with their fellow guests and hosts through the online community or in person.

The new eating out experience is to eat in…. someone else’s home!
Head over to now to see for yourself what all the buzz is about, and who knows, maybe you will be having the meal of your life very soon!

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Damien loves languages, learning, food, startups and... Barcelona!

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