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Discover A Different Barcelona in Barcelona’s Multiverse

Written by Brian S

Based on the idea that there is a universe parallel to ours in which things are not as we know them, Lluís Bussé had the risky idea of combining different spaces of Barcelona in the same image to create a totally different city. Like a chess player, the artist would move the “chips” on a “blank” board to build his own kind of game, his own idea of the city. It may seem easy to do this type of montage with the digital retouching software we have today, but Bussé did not hide the fact he has never used any digital retouching in the creation of his collages and the types of cuts are visible in the resulting images. You can see these works under the name of Barcelona’s Multiverse.

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What Does It Consist Of

Photo credit: Palau Robert. Generalitat de Catalunya on Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

While walking among the photographs of this Barcelona that exists only in a parallel world from Bussé’s imagination, you have the feeling that you are swimming on the “shores” of the Sagrada Familia, that you are surfing the “waves” in Plaza Cataluña, or that some zebras have slipped into the roundabout at Francesc Macià. Apart from the quality of the images resulting from the inventiveness of Bussé, the added value of this exhibition lies in the creation of a new Barcelona as an escape route from a city that has ceased to be ours to fall into the hands of the concept of “Civility” in which almost everything is prohibited or limited. In Barcelona’s Multiverse, anything goes! You will discover a new prism of the Ciudad Condal, a Barcelona totally different from the current one but possible in another universe.

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The Exposition

The exhibition presents the images in three sections: the relocation of emblematic buildings, Barcelona crossed by Venetian canals, and a city built directly on the sand and the sea. Try to guess where Lluís Bussé has taken each picture, where it is cut, and study each detail that notes a great critical sense. It is Spain at its most contemporary blending in with Spain’s other legendary artists like Picasso and Dali. Build your own Barcelona visiting each of its corners and staying in one of the best apartments for rent in Barcelona that we offer in ShBarcelona. Spend unforgettable months in the city staying in the best holiday apartments in Barcelona.

Have you visited this exhibition? What do you think?

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