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Different Is Different Records

Written by Brian S

Techno is the rage in Europe, from the United Kingdom to Russia. In every country, there is a techno-loving base of fans who are into the genre and follow the DJs club by club. Breaking out of its origins in the United States, Techno crossed over into Europe in the 1990s, perfectly joining the continent’s political reunification and infusion of East-West sounds regardless of language. This has continued on, decades later, into 2017, with multiple independent techno-based record companies forming. One of these underground record companies is Different Is Different and they are based right here in Barcelona.

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The brains behind the label

Photo vía Greencross – A&R Manager

Techno DJs Elton de Paula – aka Elton D – and Daniel Gavilán – aka Greencross – started Different Is Different after years of successful productions with multiple European techno record companies and artists. The Brazilian-born Elton D has played in several prominent European music festivals including Awakenings, Mayday, and Monegros Festival. Greencross, who hails from Venezuela, has toured all over South America and Europe playing in festivals like Amsterdam Dance Event, and various nightclubs, including Florida 135 and Barcelona’s own Row 14. The duo live thousands of kilometers apart – Elton D in Brazil, and Greencross as a globe-trotter based in Austria – yet remain connected constantly in producing new work with various artists. While Elton D remains in the background creating music for the label, Different Is Different Records is currently run by a group of three individuals: Greencross as General Mastermind and A&R Manager, Martina Krassnigg aka Miss Electric as Podcast Coordinator / Label Showcase Manager, and finally Barcelona-based, Croatian PR and Marketing Manager Tim Kosi.


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Techno artists in Vogue

Photo vía Ken Ishii @ Wired Clash Tokyo

Different Is Different includes an impressive list of artists representing all genres within the techno range, such as Japanese techno superstar Ken Ishii, Sweden’s techno wizard Hertz, an army of Spanish producers such as Alberto Ruiz, Fran Naváez, Javi Lago, and Rafa Ortega, Austria’s veteran producers including Miss Electric, Nicolas Bacher, Errol Dix, and Ranieri, American breakthrough artist Maria Goetz, DJ Shiva aka Noncompliant, Adam Jay, Angel Alanis, Andrei Morant, Northern Irish duo Loco & Jam, and Germany’s Drumcomplex, just to name a few. The diversity of these artists in style of techno and background tells highly of Different Is Different wanting to expand the range and source of upcoming and veteran techno DJs that continue to produce track after track for all fans to enjoy.

The techno scene in Spain is very much like that of their neighboring countries. It was originally rooted in Ibiza but quickly spread out to the other major cities and provinces. Spain is a country with an all-nighter lifestyle indulged in social drinking and all musical genres, so the techno scene is of interest to the generations born in the post-Franco, European integration era when the country was booming into the 21st century. Even today, as the country struggles to dig itself out of its internal problems, the Spanish youth still come out to party. For the people at Different Is Different, it is just another reason why Barcelona is the ideal place for their headquarters and why they keep attracting all artists in the techno scene to produce and showcase their beats to the masses.

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