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Create your own festival with Artsy

Create your own festival with Artsy
Written by Paula

Movistar has created a platform where anyone can present an idea for a festival and have the possibility of having it come true.

The first step is to register at Artsy, where you can present your project. You can choose between a large format event – a festival, or a small format event – an exhibit.

festival barcelonaRecord a video in which you explain the fundamentals of your idea, fill out the application form and do your best to make it memorable.

After submitting it, it is your job to spread the word on every social media channel you can think of. Do a campaign to get the most like and visualizations possible on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.  One share on Facebook, a Youtube view or a hashtag mention gives you 1 point, one tweet gives you 2 points, and one vote at the Artsy website gives you three points.

All projects that can get more than 5.000 points will be judged and some will be chosen to become a reality.

Finished projects

Artsy has already made 3 projects come true:

LiveSoundtrack – a festival where musicians choose their favorite movies and create a new, original soundtrack that is be played with the movie during its exhibition.

 Serializados – a festival for the TV show lovers.

SurfCitys Festival – the first arts festival focused on the theme: Surf vs City, with music, photography, sculpture, painting, theatre, cinema and illustration.

This edition the panel of judges is formed by Albert Salmerón, founder and director of Producciones Animadas, concert and festival promotion; Albert Guijarro, music director and co-founder of Associación de Salas de Conciertos de Cataluña; festival barcelonaBruno Sokolowitcz, radio, tv and events presenter; Marisol López, digital culture, innovation, creativity and communications expert; Carles Sala, director of Barcelona Capital in the Institut de Cultura del Ajuntament de Barcelona; Pep Salazar, Project Manager at Mobile World Capital Foundation; Ramon Castells, responsible for Conocimiento del Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts; and Eva Villazala, founding partner at Lamondo Magazine.

The next judging session will take place in the middle of October.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.

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