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“Cocina en”: how to prepare a delicious chicken stew

Written by Adriana
As every week, our culinary partners from “Cocina en” brings us a recipe that will make you become an excellent cook.” Today you will learn to make a delicious, juicy and easy to prepare chicken stew useful for both a quick weeknight meal, or for a fancy dinner with friends or family. Everyone loves dipping bread in that sauce that accompanies the chicken! Without further ado, as we know that your mouth is already watering, we offer you, as always, a discount of 10% in the following courses, tastings and workshops organized by “Cocina en” if you come on behalf of ShBarcelona:
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Here is the recipe:


8 chicken thighs (skinless)
500 grams of mushrooms
2 green peppers
crushed tomatoes
1 medium red bell pepper
1 large onion
4 large potatoes
1 cup peas
minced garlic
black pepper


First we season the chicken with salt, black pepper, minced garlic and parsley, and cut all the vegetables (the smaller the better).

Put the pot on the fire and put some olive oil in it, then add the onion and wait for it to brown, add the chicken thighs to impregnate it with the flavor of the spices, when you see that it’s already brown add the peas and let it cook for 5 minutes. Then add the green pepper and the red pepper, mix everything up and let it cook for 10 minutes (stir it from time to time).

Add the potatoes and the mushrooms and stir. Let it cook for 5 minutes and finally add 7 tablespoons of tomatoe sauce and season the vegetables with a tablespoon and a half of salt, black pepper, garlic, and parsley.

Add water into the pot until it covers everything. Stir it, cover and let it cook for 15 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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