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No Need to Fear Lexlay Is Here

No Need to Fear Lexlay Is Here
Written by Enrique

Turntables have been spinning through the streets of Barcelona for quite some time now. Though extremely rare, the era of new DJs has re-opened the doors of talent. New upcoming artists are creating some of the gnarliest sounds for people to dance the night away. The moment the stage sets and the lights dim out, the DJ promises to deliver. After saluting his companions for the night with an oath-like stare, he presses play. Balloons fall from the ceiling and the crowd goes wild. Ladies and gentlemen, be ready because the streets of Barcelona have never heard sounds like these before.

Heads Will Roll

City Hall Dance Club Concept is located on the street Rambla de Catalunya, one of the trendiest streets in Barcelona. This street stretches from Plaza Catulunya to City hallAvenida Diagonal, truly making it a have to see location. The experience begins when the Hall creates a far better atmosphere than you could have possibly imagined. This great venue presents one of the most welcoming stages here in Barcelona. The raving lights in combination with the bass resonating throughout your body, allows the DJ to provide a uniquely intimate experience. The thing about the Hall is that, just when you think the surprises are over, it only gets better.

The Best One Yet

This past Saturday April 4th City Hall celebrated the most notorious and unforgettable party. Let’s just say that la Rambla truly did rumbled that night. This once in a lifetime party celebrated the 100th most successful party yet. Offering some of the best cocktails and music, this venue delivered without a question. First up in the DJ gauntlet was B2B Davis, sending out the sweetest vibes ever felt. B2B warmed the crowd up for the hottest DJs in Barcelona. The next contender however, unleashed the beast so impressively, that special appearances decided to poke their head and join in the action.

happy technoThe beat dimmed for a few seconds as the turntables transitioned from one artist to the next. However, there was nothing to worry about. The number one contender was about to bring it home. Lexlay, a formidable upcoming DJ, has been setting its mark here in the Halls. Celebrating 100 of some of the most fun and exhilarating events put on, this DJ deserves it all. His mixes deliver a need for recognition as well as a need to dance. In his presence the set discontinues to simply be a DJ booth and transforms itself into a sold out show. Hosting over 800 people Lexlay once again spun one of the best parties ever witnessed. With the crowd going wild and just when you thought the night had no more surprises, Fatima Hajji showed up to shut the club down. Hands down, City Hall and its DJ host Lexlay truly know how to throw it down like no body’s business.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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