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Barcelona Restaurant Big Fish

Written by James

The Big Fish restaurant located in Borne, Barcelona is by far one of the absolute best seafood restaurants not just in Spain but in the world. Not only do these guys provide some of the best tasting fish and crustaceans but they also have some of the most awesome and authentic sushi dishes that you’ll ever try.

seafoodThe wild fish has be brought from the best harbors in the city. The kitchen keeps it simple working with only two different schools of cooking. They have Mediterranean which is basically using the fish which is in season with a variety of vegetables with some delicious spices. Secondly, as previously stated they have the authentic Japanese sushi prepared to perfection by some of the best culinary artists of our time.

The sushi is of the highest quality. This is no Wasabi or YoSushi we’re talking about here which use gimmicks to get people in the door to buy their goods. To this day I still have no idea how something so cheap can be so overpriced. Big Fish works only with the finest cuts of fish. In the industry for example, a piece of tuna that is good enough to serve to someone raw is known as sushi-grade tuna. You better believe that all of the fish at this restaurant is sushi grade. Even the fish that isn’t used for the sushi.

Big Fish uses Bluefin tuna which is the absolute best kind of tuna on the market. You won’t be cutting your tongue on this stuff. The Japanese themselves look after the quality of this unique breed of tuna.

seafoodThey also have a small selection of wines but as we all know my good sir, is that quality is better than quantity and this restaurant proves it with the crisp white wines they have and the heavier or fruity reds ready to make your tastebuds climax with gratification. Make a reservation on their website.

Many visitors come from far and wide to try the dishes at the Big Fish restaurant in Borne. Many of these tourists use ShBarcelona to rent a flat in Barcelona. Companies like this are becoming popular because people want the real Barcelona experience rather than staying in a hotel which can alienate a person on vacation.

Barcelona rentals are now actually more popular than the hotels in fact. To rent an apartment in Barcelona in order to visit the Big Fish restaurant in Borne all one has to do is look online and search the key phrase, “apartment for rent in Barcelona”. Some come down and go rent apartment in Barcelona, walk over to Borne and taste some of the most delicious cuisine you’ve ever had in your life!

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