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Best Galleries in Barcelona

Written by Emily Elwes

For art lovers there is never a perfect list of the ‘best galleries’ to visit, simply because everyone’s taste is so varied. Then why is this article? Simply to name the most prominent or influential institutions in the area that are definitely worth a visit. If you have not visited these five galleries, you have simply missed some of the most influential artworks from Barcelona and Catalunya from the past and present. Take time away from your old town apartment in Barcelona to visit as many galleries as possible.

barcelonas best galleries museu picassoPicasso Museum

Even if you are only a casual art lover or if you have no knowledge of the art world, Pablo Picasso usually transcends this general ignorance. As one of the foremost artists in the world during the last century and this museum housing the single largest collection of his works, makes visiting this esteemed gallery a must-see for locals and tourists alike. This is hands-down the most visited gallery in Catalonia and should be visited for its sheer volume of art from this infamous artist. Situated in medieval stone mansions are impressive as well offering a look at medieval architecture as well.

barcelonas best galleries museu nacional palauMuseu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

If you are looking for a breath of Catalan culture, this must be on your bucket list. With the largest collection of Catalan art in the world it presents one of the most complete pictures of the history of art of the Catalonia people as well as its modern and contemporary artists as well. Visiting the Palau Nacional on the hill of Montjuic should be reason enough besides the massive art collection to visit this impressive gallery as well, with its stunning views of Barcelona.

barcelonas best galleries museu comtemporary artBarcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

Looking for an art gallery with artists from your own time period? This is the answer as it showcases the greatest Barcelonan artists from the latter 20th Century and has rotational exhibitions that change every 3-4 months. Its mission is to continue to keep Barcelona and its contemporary art culture at the forefront of art development in Spain and keep it an art capital in the world for generations to come by providing support for the art community and contemporary artists from the area.

barcelonas best galleries joan miroFundacio Joan Miro

Another contemporary museum, mostly devoted to Barcelona’s most famous native Joan Miro, has other works and exhibitions of other contemporary artists. The museum shows the progress of the artist’s development from early to late works and his transition from relative realism to his signature style. It is a great way to understand how a an artist can morph their style over time into something truly their own.

You may have to rent a monthly flat in Barcelona to see all the artworks and galleries of art that will need to be explored in Barcelona.

There are surely other galleries and art museums that deserve mention, please leave your favourite nominations below.



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