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Ride a bike and sleep like a baby in this hostel

Written by Tiago Silva

Imagine yourself in the hot shiny weather of Barcelona riding a bike. It’s a wonderful dream that could come true if you decided to go this hostel: Barcelona Bed and Bike. There, you will quickly fall in love with the environment where the bikes are the stars. Just see for yourself. The reception works 24 hours a day, you will have WiFi and computers to use, and there is a fully equipped kitchen and a terrace to rest from all the bike rides you will taking during your vacation. If you use the bike a lot, I’m sure you’ll sleep like a baby at night, even with the temperatures going wild.

If you’re a romantic or an adventurous person, just imagine yourself in the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona, riding a bike and absorbing all the architecture and art that the city has to offer.

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Photo by 122 via Visual hunt / CC BY

Photo by 122 via Visual hunt / CC BY

If you don’t have ‘the’ summer body, this is a great opportunity to keep working on it. Riding a bike can be a hell of a workout! Your legs will be proud of your choice as they become stronger. You just need to be a little adventurous and not follow all the tourists that only follow the popular routes. If you really want to capture the

If you really want to capture the soul of the city, there’s no other option like riding a bike and going exploring. Just be careful with your sun exposure. Other than that, just enjoy the landscape and don’t forget to go to the beach to recover in the water from all your effort.

How much is it?

The bike service is free except in the hottest months of the year: in June, July, August and September, when it costs 7 euros per day. The price of the staying, per person, really fluctuates so you have to check the dates you want to come over. There are standard bed mixed dorms of 12 or 16 singles beds, which will, of course, cos  less, and there are also double or triple rooms with private bathroom or with shared bathroom.

Photo by duncan via / CC BY-NC

Photo by duncan via / CC BY-NC

Do you want to know the best thing of all? This hostel is really near Barcelona’s downtown area, meaning you can get there in a jiffy by using the bike lane and there’s an awesome underground service that you can use to go larger distances.

If you fall in love with the city and with riding a bike, just check this article on where to buy your own second-hand bicycle.

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Tiago Silva

Tiago is a Portuguese writer with a journalism degree.

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