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Why I Buy A Barcelona Travel Card To Use During My Stay

Written by James

Are you going to be staying in Barcelona apartments for rent for any length of time? If you are, and would like to be able to explore the city, well investing money in the Barcelona tourist card will prove a really good thing to do.

Every time that I know I am going to rent a flat in Barcelona for say a long weekend then the first thing I do is actually purchase mine online. By doing so I actually save myself some more money. How long you are staying for will of course determine what kind of card you buy.

Normally when I am staying in the city for say 4 days then I go for the 3 Day one. This costs just €19.20 and provides me with the following benefits.

The first benefit to buying one of these travel cards when staying in Barcelona vacation rentals it is allows me to travel on any form of public transport in the city as many times as I want. Along with allowing me to travel on the buses or trams I have use of the metro as well. Furthermore it allows me to use the train service from the airport to the centre of the city as well.

The next reason why I choose to get this card when I’m visiting the city is it allows you access to various museums and art galleries at a discount. For example I love to explore the Picasso Museum regularly and by having this card my entry fee is reduced by 20%.

We all like to take back mementos of our vacations and with this card you can actually buy original souvenirs at the Barcelona tourist office at a discount as well. The office is located on Placa Catalunya and each purchase when you show your card will be reduced by 15%.

Okay when staying in an apartment you can cook your own meals if you wish. But there are going to be certain occasions when it would be nice to dine out. By choosing to get a Barcelona travel card you can enjoy a great meal at certain restaurants in the city for less.

Throughout the year in Barcelona there are many events taking place especially at venues such as the Palau de la Musica and Gran Teatre del Liceu. If you notice an event-taking place at either one of these during your stay then you can purchase tickets for these with your card and you will save 20% on the cost.

Of course you may be wondering how you will know which places offer discount to those who have the Barcelona travel card. Well don’t worry when you pick up your card you are provided with a street map and a very simple but comprehensive guide relating to the city. That not only list the main attractions that this city has to offer, but also provides details on where discounts are offered when you present your Barcelona travel card.


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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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