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Barcelona startup Whisbi is changing the face of E-commerce

Written by Damien

Barcelona E-commerce company Whisbi is one of the city’s many emerging startups. With Barcelona now one of Europe’s hottest startup capitals, it’s become an increasingly attractive business destination. Entrepreneurs considering basing themselves in the city will be interested in apartments to rent in Barcelona. ShBarcelona is the market leader in monthly Barcelona rentals.

Whisbi provide an online communications service aimed at optimizing E-commerce. Their patented Video Agent technology utilizes real-time online video and phone communication to offer a one-to-one communication channel with web customers.

Whisbi was founded in Barcelona in 2009 by Alex Bisbe and Jose Luis Cantero, now respectively the company’s CEO and CTO. Their idea was to apply their experience in call centre sales to E-commerce clients through video calls. The company have since expanded to offices in Madrid, London and Sao Paolo and over 100 members of staff.

The target customers of Whisbi are large E-commerce companies requiring a more effective means of communicating with customers online. It’s best suited for companies requiring high customer trust and extensive customer-specific product information, such as the banking, telecommunications and insurance sectors. Current customers include Vodafone, Telefonica and Citibank. Whisbi has also entered the German market through a partnership with O2. Adoption of the technology has led to increases in online sales by as much as 300%.

“To be honest, our first approach to Whisbi was sceptical,” begins José Luis Pablos, E-commerce Manager for Vodafone Spain. “But once we saw the first results of our trials we started to believe.”

Within two years, the company achieved profitability. Their rapid success led to the receipt of venture funding totalling almost €2 million to support the international expansion of the firm, recruit additional staff and develop their technology.

Whisbi use SaaS (Software as a service) cloud-based technology to ensure that no downloads, software or hardware is required. The technology can be incorporated into a company’s website by embedding just two lines of code. When a customer browses the website, they can request online assistance at any time. Rather than the standard ‘Call Me Back’ feature, the Whisbi Smart Button offers an instant ‘Call Me Now’ function. After entering their name and contact number, the customer will receive a video response within seconds.

Whisbi currently offer a 30-day free trial for new customers. Following this, the cost of the subscription service ranges from €100 to €2,000 per month, with additional costs of €1-€2 per click 2 video session and €0.2-€0.4 per inbound 2 video call, depending on the features required. And the list of available features is extensive. It includes Whispi Inbound, which allows companies to measure the type of calls they are generating, Whisbi Share Screen, which enables Video Agents to show the customer what they are typing, the Whisbi Deck dashboard, which offers increased visibility and control over the communication channel, Whisbi Deck reporting tools, which analyse online communications, and Lead Nurturing, to minimise the chance of a lost customer.

The customer experience is key to Whisbi’s success, and this year the company was given the ‘Customer Experience Award’ at E-Commerce Paris. Within the next year, the company hope to have customers from the UK, across the Nordics and in Germany and the U.S., ” two of the most promising markets,” says CEO Alex Bisbe. Within five years, they aim to be a one billion dollar company with headquarters in the USA. Barcelona will be sad to lose them, but happy to celebrate their success.


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