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Barcelona – A book lovers paradise

Book Festival Barcelona
Written by James

Barcelona doesn’t only offer some of the best cultural and musical events in Europe; it also offers some of the best literary ones. Today it has become known in Europe for holding some major literary festivals as well. As a result of this, the number of visitors to the Catalan capital increases quite substantially to allow book lovers to enjoy what they love so much.

Book Festival BarcelonaBecause Barcelona is now being recognized for providing some truly fantastic literary festivals, many book lovers will often plan their visit to the city at a time when such events are taking place. If you are one such person then renting an apartment so you can attend such events is a must.

Although there are several literary festivals taking place in the city throughout the year, the main one takes place around the feast of St George. It properly cannot be classed as being solely a literary festival as such it still offers book lovers the opportunity to celebrate their passion for the written word. The festival is held every year on the 23rd April and the people not only of Barcelona but across the Catalan region exchange books which friends and family.

However it isn’t the exchanging of new books that takes place during this festival, many people choose to exchange used books as well, so there is a unique opportunity to be able to find a rare book or two.

Along with the festival of St George, another major literary festival that takes place in Barcelona is Kosmopolis. This is an international one and only takes place in the city every 2 years. The actual festival lasts for a total of 5 days and events take place at numerous sites across the city that all relate to literature. The great thing is that this helps to make the events more accessible to those visiting the city when it takes place no matter where they are staying.

Throughout the festival of Kosmopolis along with various books sales going on a number of workshops, symposiums and lectures take place and some of these will have well-known writers attending.

BCNegraThe final literary festival we discuss here is that known as BCNEgra. This event takes place each year and is one specifically for those who love mystery and crime literature. Often you’ll find it isn’t only fans of the novels that attend the events that take place during this festival but fans of the movies that these novels have been made into. This, in turn, helps to make this festival a very interesting and eclectic one to attend.

As part of the festival an awards ceremony is held to which numerous murder mystery authors make time to attend. The reason being that they hope they will be awarded the Carvalho Prize for writing the best novel of this genre during the previous year. The festival takes place in February and because so many people attend it, we would advise that if you wish to do so you book accommodation for your stay in the city now.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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