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Assisted Reproduction in Barcelona

Written by Aracely Gonzalez

In a day and age where cultures everywhere rely heavily on science and technology, there is a new way of conceiving a child that has become popular. While some couples are lucky (as seen in Cheaper by the Dozen), others have serious problems to conceive.

Assisted reproduction

assisted reproduction barcelonaAssisted reproduction is a form of science technology that has been around for decades but only in the past few years has it been researched, tested and brought to light as an acceptable, dependable and safe way for conceiving. Interestingly, not only are infertile couples taking advantage of this process but homosexual couples or couples where a partner is HIV positive are also able to grow their families through this procedure.

Barcelona is a hub for assisted reproduction with over 20 centers. With doctors who have specialized training from top medical schools and research centers, the population of Barcelona has a vast choice when it comes to selecting their clinic, doctors, and assisted reproduction style. There are various ways one can be helped.


Artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and the intake of fertility medication are a few of the more technical ways of assisted reproduction, but there are also clinics that offer surrogacy services and egg preservation for future use.


There are a few risks associated with assisted reproduction as there is with any invasive medical procedure. These include genetic disorder in the fetus, low birth weight, preterm birth and membrane damage. While studies have shown that most assisted conception births have not fallen victim to these possible effects, it is important to ask these questions when determining whether assisted reproduction is right for you.


Putting a price tag on having a family seems unnatural but the cost of assisted reproduction can range anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 or more which can be a lofty sum of money. The different treatments are associated with different costs depending on the process and length of treatment.

Assisted reproduction centers in Barcelona

assisted reproduction barcelonaIVI Barcelona
Location: Ronda del General Mitre, 14

This clinic has more than 25 years of experience in infertility treatment and other forms of assisted reproduction. Throughout all of their clinics, they have helped more than 57,000 families grow through their services.

Barcelona IVF
Location: Carrer Escoles Pies, 103

Barcelona IVF offers a well-rounded service when seeking assisted reproduction treatment. Their team is made up of gynecologists, biologists, anesthesiologist and psychologists.

Centro Reproducción Assistida
Location: Torres I Pujalt, 1

The Center for Assisted Reproduction is one of the centers that carries out research and testing within its clinic. In recent years, they have also launched a center for the preservation of women’s’ fertility.

About the author

Aracely Gonzalez

Aracely is an American writer from Austin, Texas. She moved to Barcelona and immediately fell in love with the city.

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