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Art Bike Tour – Enjoy the art of cycling

Written by Paula

Barcelona has plenty to see so it’s not a surprise that there are a variety of companies offering tours of the city and its many monuments. There are Vespa tours, Gocar tours and even Segway tours, allowing people to see the city while riding a motorized vehicle. But what about a tour for those who want a more sustainable way of moving around?

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Art Bike Tour

Photo by Art Bike Tour

Art Bike Tour is a company that offers visitors the opportunity to move around the city using vehicles that are powered by human energy: bikes. Native tour guides take newcomers on a tour of some of the major contemporary art galleries in Barcelona, allowing people to discover the cultural and artistic side of the Catalan capital, while also engaging in cultural events, gallery openings, and art exhibitions.

Offered tours

Art Bike Tour tour offers 4 different touring options for clients to choose from. Each of the tours last approximately three hours, in which the participants will visit the galleries and art centers in the selected area. At the galleries, the tour guide will talk about the works on display and the visitors will also have the opportunity to talk to the owner of the venue to clear further doubts.

The Montjuïc – Raval Tour takes visitors to Galeria Carles Taché, Tat Art Barcelona, and Galeria Trama.

The Eixample Tour takes visitors to Galeria Joan Prats, adngaleriaand 3 Punts Galeria.

The Ciutat Vella tour takes visitors to Galeria Senda, Galeria Trama, Galeria Balaguerand Fundació Gaspar.

There is also the option of taking a personalized tour, which can be taken by individuals, schools or companies. The tour can be completely personalized to the visitors, by theme, artist, area, and more.

The price of each tour is of 28€ per person or 22€ for students. If you are interested in joining a tour, try to book it with at least two days in advance, since groups have to have a minimum of three people for the tour to actually take place.

The tours are offered in five languages: Portuguese, English, Catalan, French, and Spanish.

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Useful information

Photo by Art Bike Tour

Location: Fábrica Mortiz Barcelona, Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39-41.

Schedule: Fábrica Moritz Barcelona is open from Monday to Sunday from  7:30 am to 3 am. The tours themselves happen from Monday to Saturday at 10:30 am and at 4 pm.

Visitors will be treated to a can of Aigua de Moritz at the beginning of the tour and be invited to taste a Moritz beer at the end of the tour at the Moritz Factory, designed by renowned French architect Jean Nouvel.

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Art Bike Tour – Enjoy the art of cycling
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