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All about apartment rentals

Renting an Apartment in Barcelona with Your Pet

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Written by Daniella

Having a pet is more normal than ever, and experts always try to convince us of the psychological benefits of having a pet. In a world where there’s a lot of loneliness a furry friend can be a great life companion, especially in large cities.

And that is why, when moving to another home, you must make sure that the property you are renting will let you keep pets inside the apartment.

This article by ShBarcelona will tell you more about how to find an apartment in Barcelona when you have pets.

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Find a perfect home for you and your pet

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Some tenants want to rent an apartment, but not just for themselves, also for their pet. And although there are owners who do not have any problem with keeping pets in a property, there are many who don’t accept pets, as an animal can damage a property.

But can a property owner prohibit a tenant from keeping a pet? Or does a tenant always have the right to live with his pet? Both parties have rights and obligations when it comes to pets in a property, and we will shine some light on the subject today.

Of course a tenant has the right to live with a pet, but if the property owner has indicated in the contract that he does not allow animals, then that is also his right. The tenant is obliged to repair damages caused by the animal, not only in the house, but also to third parties.

If you don’t do the repairs, the property owner will deduct the amount for repairs from your deposit.

As a tenant, you can also take out extra insurance to cover for damages caused by your pet, but you’re not obligated to do so, unless there is a pet clause in the rental contract that specifically requires the insurance.

If, however, you want to convince a reluctant property owner to accept your pet, insurance can work in favour of his decision. There is one important side note: if your dog is registered on the list of ‘potentially dangerous dogs’, then you have no choice but to take out civil liability insurance for damages to third parties, as established by Law 50/1999.

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dog on porch

Photo via Pixabay

As already mentioned before, it is the owner’s right to allow a pet in the property yes or no, and your rental contract can be terminated if conditions agreed upon in the contract are not being met.

If there is no clause in the rental contract, the property owner must respect the tenant living in his property with a pet. This is, unless the pet is disturbing neighbours in the building or damaging the apartment. A property owner then has the right to ask the tenant to leave the apartment and to do repairs.

Something to keep in the back of your mind when trying to convince your property owner to allow your dog in the property, is to provide them with a Canine Curriculum. It contains the name and age of your dog, if it’s spayed/neutered, data on its health and vaccinations, and a couple of good pictures.

It’s also important to have a talk with your vet and to have him write something down on paper on your pet. You can even contact a dog expert to certify his good behaviour, and sometimes references from previous neighbours (who can say something useful about you and your dog living in the building) can have a positive influence on the property owner’s decision.

If someone else will walk your dog when you are not home, you must always share this information. All measures mentioned above are intended to let the owner sympathize with you and your pet, so he doesn’t see your pet as a possible threat to his property any longer.

One last initiative that can help, once the lease ends, is your willingness to hire a professional cleaning company to leave the apartment spick and span. The property owner will get his property back right as it was before you started living there with your pet, and this might just be the last hurdle for the property owner.

Do you have a pet in Barcelona? Was it difficult to find an apartment?

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