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Alpha Origins

Written by Brian S

Businesses, small and large, and athletes, individually and in teams, are all prone to a downturn in confidence, creativity, communication, and work ethics. A breakdown in any form along the line will affect the entire team and lead to a slump. Due to this reason, companies are starting to look to organizations who specialize in restarting these creative forces and rebuilding a team’s focus for long term success.

Meet Alpha Origins

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“We connect the dots and find the forces that will lead tomorrow’s paradigm.”

Alpha Origins focuses on looking into what makes an organization successful and what they can do to breakthrough on innovation, welfare, and the worldwide economy. They seek to make the complex much simpler with businesses and their products or services. To them, it is all about the entrepreneurs and giving them the knowledge needed to take their businesses in the right direction. Alpha Origins assists people in operations, IT, finance, and marketing.

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Sports Alpha

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In collaboration with Sports Alpha, Alpha Origins is opening a pilot program with a certain number of sports teams for testing. At Sports Alpha, they work on what leads to sports excellence. They help track everything and determine what makes great athletes and teams. This includes motivation, initiative, determination, self-awareness, player-coach relationships, resilience, and the will to learn. Players and coaches get real-time insights and learn where to improve on their metrics. The process is all about learning what the players go through every time they are on the court or pitch, collecting weekly feedback and sending recommendations to players on what to improve on.

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Making Myself

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In addition, Alpha Origins is working with the people at Making Myself in looking at factors such as motivation, happiness, and mental health. This is of great benefit for all companies in determining how to improve their production and employee morale. Chronic conditions such as stress and fatigue are very common, making it important for companies to be aware of their employees’ working health.

Alpha Origins is a company that prides itself on helping teams and businesses improve on their self-awareness, self-efficiency, and self-esteem to be more united in whatever they do.

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