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All about Punto MX, a Mexican restaurant in Madrid

Written by Adriana

We rarely have the opportunity to talk about gastronomic projects deserving a Michelin star directly with the owner and chef of the place. Therefore, although the restaurant Punto MX is not in Barcelona, the city this blog talks about, we believe this content may be interesting to you. If you decide to visit the whole country during your stay in Barcelona, probably the first thing you will visit is Madrid, the capital. And if you want to eat really well in the first Mexican Michelin-starred restaurant, Punto MX is undoubtedly the best choice. ShBarcelona interviewed Roberto Ruiz, one of the restaurant owners and chefs, to learn more about a project so delicious, authentic and relevant as it …let’s see what he tells about it!

What is Punto MX and who is behind this gastronomic project?

punto-mx-chef-roberto-ruiz-3af7d-300x169The aim of Punto MX is to provide the best Mexican cuisine which we are capable of, this includes many things from logistics, products import, plant products… So today Punto MX is much more than a restaurant. Here many things happen and ingredients that are unique and for all that there is a huge work behind, because in many cases we have to create our own raw materials.

Behind all this, divided by sections, plus Martin Eccius, Maria Fernandez and Roberto Ruiz who are the visible face of the restaurant, there is a great team: Carlos Arias (restaurant manager), Pablo Perez Quiben (chef and innovation developments), Antonio Sayago (head waiter), Yohana Perez (at the reception) or Maribel Cahuana (director of maintenance and cleaning); to name some of the 25 people who are a part of this unique project in Europe and I am convinced that everyone of them are  fundamental.

How has changed Punto MX after receiving a Michelin star?

The most noticeable change is the internationalization, because we have people booking from Malaysia, Singapore and the UAE for instance.

Roberto has introduced new products in dishes that have grown in your own garden, how was the process?

Very delicate and complex. As you know neither the earth nor the weather conditions are similar to those of Mexico, but we have the valuable support of expert gardeners like Bea and Luis, who are the true keepers of the new products that we incorporate in our menu this season. We brought over 12 different spices that were never offered in a restaurant in Europe, such as huauzontles.

tuetano-a la brasaWhat dishes we must try before leaving Punto MX?

There are many. I think that besides the guacamole, enchilada with duck “carnitas” with green “pipián” sauce and the grilled marrow are dishes that I wouldn’t miss at Punto MX.

What’s new in the menu this year?

We try to add 12 new dishes every year, certainly the highlight on the current menu is the “tamal colado de tinga de rabo de toro” (oxtail) which is one of our latest creations; with the acuyo’s quesadilla and the matured mole.

How was the opening of Salón Cascabel under the wing of Punto MX…

salon_cascabelIt was an amazing experience. In Salon Cascabel we try to take advantage of everything we have learned both at Punto MX and at Mezcal Lab and give it a twist to make it more dynamic and fun.

We could not be happier because this union is generally a success, with three business models coexisting nicely together. It is a honor being in touch of two global benchmarks such as Jordi Roca and David Muñoz.

Are you planing to open a Punto MX in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city that I love and I have always wanted to open something up there, so I hope that one day soon we can do something there.

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