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Become an Instagram influencer with Adictik

Written by Christine

If you have ever scrolled down your Instagram feed, you are likely to have seen pictures or videos advertising or sponsoring different products and brands that are cool and trending. But who uploads these pictures? Well, the answer is that it could be you! Using an app called Adictik you too can show your favorite brands some love on Instagram.

About Adictik

Photo via Pixabay

Adictik was developed in Barcelona and due to its success has expanded all around the world. The idea came from an Instagram influencer who wanted to share her love of fashion with the world through her blog and social media. Influencers are the people helping to brand their favorite products on Instagram, like the gummy bears that promise long thick hair or the mint tea that will help you be ready for bikini season. This influencer, Laura Santolaria, and her partner developed the Adictik app to help others share and promote their passions over social media through photos in an easy way.

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Who uses Adictik?

When you download Adictik you can use it to take pictures of your favorite brands and products and then promote them on Instagram. Instead of having a celebrity photograph itself with a product, in which you know that they are being paid to do so, ordinary people become the photographers, models, and ambassadors of their favorite products and brands. This gives the viewer a better sense of trust about the product since it is being raved about by people who have actually used and loved it.

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How it works

Photo via Pixabay

Once you have taken a picture of the brand or product that you want to promote, you can then use the Adictik app to look for one of the thousands of available watermarks to add to your photo. Once you’ve added the official watermark you can then upload your picture to social media, where it can be viewed by your followers and shared through different networks. You can comment on other users‘ ads and build yourself up to become a Brand Freak – a verified account that has the best content. If Brand Freaks have enough followers and visibility they can even turn their accounts into marketplaces, earning money just by sharing the products or brands that they love. The Adictik app is free and available in the iTunes store, so download the app and start sharing!

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