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Districts of Barcelona

A Walk in Carrer de Maria Aguiló

Written by Paula

Located in the neighborhood of Poblenou, in the district of Sant Martí, Carrer de Marìa Aguiló is a pleasant little pedestrian street with a variety of businesses worth visiting. ShBarcelona will tell you a bit more about this street in Poblenou.

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Vida Meva

Photo via Pixabay

Vida Meva is a small store that sells ecologic food products that come from close by,  all of them grown organically, without the use of aggressive chemical substances, preservatives or additives.

Vida Meva is located at Carrer de Maria Aguiló, 68.

Isidro Cosmetic Shop

Isidro Cosmetic Shop is a beautiful Provence-inspired shop where visitors can find a variety of cosmetic and beauty products. Even those who are not on the market for these sort of products will enjoy paying a visit to the shop, which is so pleasant to look at.

Isidro Cosmetic Shop is located at Carrer de Marìa Aguiló, 83.

Noari Kids

Noari Kids is a store that specializes in products for babies and kids, working with brands like Bugabo, Phil&teds, Tuc Tuc, Ergobaby, Red Castle, Mamas & Papas and Mountain Buggy. Noari Kids is the store to go to if you are going to have twins or have to babies that are very close in age.

Noari Kids is located at Carrer de Marìa Aguiló,90.

Pedra Paper Tisora

Photo via Pixabay

Rock Paper Scissor is the English translation for the name of this nice little store in Poblenou. Pedra Paper Tisora sells specialized toys to help children exercise their creativity and imagination. A lot of the products sold in the store are created using non-toxic, natural materials. Pedra Paper Tisora sells toys like marbles, felt swords, wooden assembly toys, tricycles, skates and much more.

Pedra Paper Tisora is located at Carrer de Marià Aguilló, 118.


Veritas is a chain of supermarkets that sell healthy that has been produced without the use of chemical products, in a sustainable way.

Veritas is located at Carrer de Marìa Aguiló,104-106.

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O Lusitano

shopping barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

O Lusitano is a Luso-Catalan project that sells quality Portuguese products like wine, cheese, codfish, sausages, jams and more.

O Lusitano is located at Carrer de Marìa Aguiló, 123.

Els Tresors de la Panera

Els Tresors de la Panera is a wonderful little shop that sells beautiful, sustainable products for babies and children, created by local and international designers.

Els Tresors de la Panera is located at Carrer de Marìa Aguiló, 114.

Have you been to Carrer de Marìa Aguiló yet? What do you think of this street?

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