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5 ways to have more time in Barcelona

5 ways to have more time
Written by Andreas

Whether you are trying to juggle family with work, or studying with fun nights out, time seems to be the one thing we are always short of.

And while Barcelona isn´t a very stressful place to be compared to other metropolitan cities, it still has ways to stress you out. There are simply too many fun things to do, and too little time.

how to have more time barcelonaSo how do you get more time to spend on the things you
want to do? Well, we don´t claim to have the ultimate solution, but here is a humble five step plan to get you started:

1.Take a time out

Freeing up your time starts with taking a step back. Snap out of the autopilot for a while and take a look at your life. Is it what you always wanted? How are you spending your time? What do you enjoy doing, but don´t have enough time to do? What things actually fills up your day? Are there things you could drop or minimize to make space for more meaningful activities?
The first step is to actually make time to reflect over your life and how you spend your time. This step can be difficult enough if your have a busy schedule, but try to block off at least an hour. A half day would obviously be even better. Thoughts take time, so a weekend would be even more ideal. Take as much time you feel comfortable with and make the best of it. But make sure to free up at least an hour.

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time out

2.Make a list

Instead of letting all the things you have to do terrorize your headspace, make a list. The list frees your brain from the overwhelming stress, and puts all the things you need to do in front of you where you can see them, approach them, and deal with them. It helps you move from thinking into doing, and removes a lot of mental clutter. Once they are on a paper instead of just floating around in your head, causing a great deal of turmoil, you can start crossing them off one at the time. Slowly and steadily your to do list turns into a done list.


Learning how to delegate tasks is key when it comes to creating more time for the important things in life. And it doesn´t make you lazy. But snapping out of the do it yourself psychosis can be hard. It´s usually strongly connected to a lot of weird opinions we have about ourselves – how we need to be to be a perfect mother, a real man, or an overall good person- for us to see the situation clearly. Sometimes we just need to channel our inner Homer Simpson and ask ourselves: Can´t someone else just do it?
Maybe there are how to delegate barcelonatasks at home you can delegate to your children? Maybe it´s time for one of your employees to rise to the occasion and gain more responsibility? Be creative.

4. Outsource

While it might sound a bit Downton Abbey, outsourcing household chores is no longer necessarily a rich mans game. You may need to restructure your budget a bit, and reprioritize, but if you are constantly short of time you should definitely consider outsourcing one or few of your household tasks. In Barcelona you can outsource your laundry to Lavalocker or Toyourdoor24. Toyourdoor24 also have food delivery and a cleaning service.

5. Decide to be done

To free up time to actually live you have at some point call it good. You can´t possibly do everything that needs doing. In your household there are so many tasks, endless tasks, so sometimes you just need to call it good, and make a clean break from the never ending sisophys work. At a certain point everyday you have to call it done. Call it done in the evenings to make time for more meaningful things. Call it done on the weekends to have more time to spend with your family. Just call it done. There is no finished, so make sure to declare it for yourself before all demands eats you alive.

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Andreas is a digital nomad. Wherever he sets his laptop is his home, but Barcelona seems to repeatedly claim its place in his life.

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