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Discover the power of 4YFN

Written by Paula

Everyone who works in the mobile business knows that Barcelona is one of the most happening cities in the world right now. For this reason, initiatives like Mobile World Capital Barcelona are appearing, helping to drive the mobile and digital transformation of society, while also helping to improve people’s lives globally.

One of the ways in which Mobile World Capital Barcelona is doing this is through their startup business platform 4YFN.

What does 4YFN do?

Photo vía 4YFN

4YFN allows startups, investors, corporations and public institutions to connect more easily, giving them more of a chance to create and launch new ventures together. 4YFN has created very interesting initiatives to  to encourage such networking through various local and international events with workshops and networking activties, activities, community outreach as well as open innovation programmes.

Apart from their presence at their main annual event, 4YFN at GSMA Mobile World Congress Barcelona, they have also attended many local events in Barcelona, such as Connected Hub, Construmat and ESC Congress this year. On top of that, this fascinating startup innovation programme has also been present at the GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai, the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv and the GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco, which is testament to their expertise and success withing the industry.

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How can 4YFN help you?

Entrepeneurs – If you have a startup4YFN can help you boost your network by joining their programmes and events. They can provide your startup with access to very useful content, an international network of contacts,  including investors and a huge number of potential business opportunities.

Investors – If you are an investor, 4YFN will not only help you to discover startups of interest, but will help you to get in touch with other investors from a variety of markets around the world. This, in turn, encourages new investor relations and partnerships to discover promising startups in which to invest in overseas. 4YFN has a platform designed specifically for investors to share co-investment projects and increase their deal flow.

CorporationsCorporations can also benefit a lot from 4YFN‘s services as it helps them to keep up to date and continuously innovate through collaborating with the most pioneering tech entrepreneurs from all over the world.  4YFN plays a crucial role in bringing corporations and startups closer together, which allows for a process of co-creation of products and services through a shared vision.

There is never a dull moment with 4YFN, as they are constantly organizing activities such as competitions, open calls, conferences and more!

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Programmes and Services

Photo vía 4YFN

4YFN  offers a variety programmes and services such as the Investors Club, which develops co-investment partnerships and allow access to a wide range of startup portfolios; the Open Innovation Programmes, where 4YFN helps corporations and institutions to find solutions from pioneering startups in their industry and the 4YFN exhibition packages, providing startups with a space to showcase themselves at events ranging from smaller industry-specific trade shows to large scale international exhibitions, to name a few. Forthcoming events include 4YFN at Smart City Expo World Congress (14 – 16 November) and 4YFN at GSMA Mobile World Congress Barcelona (26 – 28 February 2018).

Does 4YFN sound like the right solution for you? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with them today.

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