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3 Reasons To Come To Barcelona For Your MBA

Written by Scott

It’s that time of year again.  Summer’s half over and you swore to yourself you’d be ready for the GMAT and preparing your MBA applications in the fall.  Interestingly, as the locals prepare to take off on summer holidays, thousands of young professionals from every corner of the world are dreaming about moving to Barcelona to complete their MBA. 

Barcelona is home to 3 of the world’s top 100 MBA programs and provides the amazing opportunity to join an international student body, learn Spanish and enjoy the high quality of life in Catalonia.  Here are the top 3 reasons to choose Barcelona and a quick and dirty overview of Barcelona’s top international MBA programs:

IESE– King of the Spanish business school landscape.  IESE has been in the top tier of the global MBA rankings for years and it’s deep industry inroads make it your best bet for a €100k salary waiting for you when you graduate.  Nestled in the hills of wealthy Sarriá-Sant Gervasi neighborhood overlooking Barcelona, IESE is a first-class MBA program and great name to have your CV, especially for a career in finance or consulting.  While it’s the most expensive tuition in Barcelona, IESE boasts an active recruitment network funneling into Bain, McKinsey, BCG and the Global Fortune 500.

ESADE – the Innovative MBA.  Quickly moving up the ladder step-by-step with IE in Madrid, ESADE has made tremendous gains in the rankings over the last 15 years. While it doesn’t quite have the long-standing pedigree that IESE enjoys, ESADE has a strong international faculty, collaborative partnerships with international corporations, and world-class language and law schools at its disposal.  For the innovative professional, ESADE lays claim to the first of its kind Creapolis campus in Sant Cugat.  While the 30-minute daily train ride from downtown Barcelona is a pain, the state of the art ESADE Creapolis offers an unparalleled facility to push the limits of creative business strategy.

EADA – the Entrepreneurs MBA.  Located in the heart of the Barcelona city centre, EADA has been training business minds for over 55 years.  Often overlooked as the “also ran” of the Barcelona MBA trio, EADA consistently ranks in the top 100 international B-schools and is #2 in the world for its diverse student body.  It’s 1-year curriculum, small class sizes, and (relatively) affordable tuition make EADA a great option for entrepreneurs and other professionals unwilling or unable to leave the workforce for two years.  Lastly, as an added-value unavailable at its Barcelona rivals, EADA owns an off-site 100-room hotel facility in Collbató used 6 times throughout the MBA program to conduct team building and personal growth modules for all of its students.

Ultimately, it all comes back to your original objectives for pursuing your MBA.  Think long and hard about why you want your MBA and how you plan on using it after graduation.  Then work backwards to the MBA program best suited to help you reach your goals.  There is no “best” MBA program for everyone.  It all depends on which one is best for YOU.

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Scott Mackin is the founder of Barcinno Media, S.L. and editor of the daily tech blog, Barcinno. If you want to talk shop about the Barcelona startup scene don’t hesitate to reach him @scottjmackin.

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