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City Living



DIR Gyms — Modern and wellequipped gyms are situated in the best areas of the city for those who wish to look after themselves by exercising in comfort.

Club Natació Barcelona and Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta — These swimming clubs are located at the tip of Barceloneta and benefit from their access to the city's best beaches. The former, which is private, was founded in 1907 and was originally exclusively for men. The latter is municipally run and is more affordable.

FC Barcelona - During Franco's dictatorship, Barcelona Football Club represented the culture and values of Catalonia to a large extend, and it is thus referred to as being more than just a club. Indeed, supporting the club is often a family tradition and could almost be considered a religion.

Real Club Espanyol — This is the other big football club in the city. It is representative of the more traditionaly Spanish culture and values and, maybe for this reason, is less supported and influential than FC Barcelona.

Reial Club Tennis Barcelona — This club was founded in 1899 in Ganduxer. In 1953, the year that the Godó Tournament was established, the club moved to its current home in Pedralbes, where it has gone on to become an emblem of the city.

Montmeló Racing Circuit for Formula 1 and Grand Prix — Inaugurated in 1991, the circuit holds 131,000 spectators and hosts various competitions, most notably the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Catalan Motorcycle Grand Prix, which is part of the World Motorcycle Championship. www.circuitcat.com

Ski Stations — The city is close to the mountains and is this within easy reach of ski stations in la Cerdanya, which straddles France and Catalonia. The proximity of resorts such as La Molina, La Masella and Les Angles, as well as stations in Andorra, allows skiers to make the most of winter.

City Runs — The city runs, which attract large amounts of participants, are a popular way to appreciate the city whilst doing sport. The most important events are the Cursa de Barcelona, with almost 15,000 participants, the Cursa dels Bombers, Cursa del Corte Inglés and the Cursa de la Dona (for women).

Climbing in Montjuïc — Climbers can enjoy climbing the walls on the hill of Montjuïc, which are located just before the rugby ground of La Fuixarda.